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Frequently asked questions:

An RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed is a web-based format that allows users to subscribe to and receive updates from websites or blogs. It provides a way to aggregate and access content from various sources in a standardized format.

Website owners create an RSS feed by publishing their content in XML format. Users can subscribe to these feeds using an RSS reader or aggregator, which periodically checks for updates and displays the latest content from subscribed sources.

An RSS reader or aggregator is a software application or online service that allows users to organize and view content from multiple RSS feeds in one place. It simplifies the process of accessing and staying updated on the latest content from various sources.

RSS feeds can include a wide range of content, such as blog posts, news articles, podcasts, video updates, forum threads, and more. The feed typically provides a summary or excerpt of the content along with a link to the full article or source.

Not all websites offer RSS feeds. While many blogs, news websites, and content-based platforms provide RSS feeds by default, some sites may not have this feature available. It ultimately depends on the website owner’s decision to provide RSS feeds.