Allegations have emerged pointing fingers at three former Pepecoin team members for orchestrating the $16M PEPE multsig withdrawal. The situation has unfolded dramatically. Also, it has casted a shadow of doubt over the project’s integrity and leaving investors and enthusiasts in shock.

Unprecedented Withdrawal, Revelations and Culprits

On August 24, a wave of panic rippled through the PEPE community as the project’s token price plummeted by approximately 15%. The cause of this tumultuous plunge was traced back to a substantial $16 million withdrawal from the Pepecoin multisig wallet.

Concerns of a potential rug pull grew as the community noticed the funds being transferred to several exchanges. This further raised alarming questions about the project’s future.

On August 25, an official announcement from the Pepecoin account shed light on the enigmatic withdrawal. A founding member of the project, posted under the handle “X” (formerly Twitter). The tweet provided crucial insights into the incident, aiming to bring clarity to the bewildering events that had unfolded.

The anonymous founding member’s post unveiled a startling revelation. It was disclosed that three former team members, operating as rogue actors, had executed the audacious theft. These ex-team members, in a brazen move, managed to siphon off a staggering 16 trillion tokens. This accounted for 60% of the total holdings in the multisig wallet.

Subsequently, they transferred these ill-gotten assets to various exchanges, effectively severing their ties to the project.

Abandonment and A New Regime

In a calculated maneuver, the ex-team members then dissociated themselves from the project entirely. This tactic was coupled with the deletion of their social media accounts. However, they left behind only a terse message confirming the handover of control to the remaining team member. The malicious trio’s actions culminated in the formation of a new status quo, wherein the project’s future lay solely in the hands of the lone survivor.

Despite the chaos and betrayal, the founding member asserted the security of the remaining PEPE tokens. The account holding the remaining 10 trillion PEPE tokens, as well as the X account, is now safeguarded. Plans are in place to transfer these funds to a fresh wallet, where they will remain secure until their future use or potential token burn.

In a retrospective analysis, it was disclosed that the rogue ex-team members had obstructed the project’s growth since its inception in April. Their disruptive presence and counterproductive behavior had hindered the project’s evolution and derailed it from achieving its targeted milestones.

Mixed Reactions, A Future Defined by Intentions

As the dust settles on this unprecedented incident, the remaining team member envisions a future for PEPE where alignment with community interests and token welfare takes precedence. Liberated from the shackles of negligent team members and a locked multisig situation, the project is poised to surge ahead with renewed vigor and purpose.

$16M PEPE Multsig Withdrawal reactions on X

The community’s response to these revelations has been a mixed bag. Some have rallied behind the announcement, expressing bullish sentiments and support for the project’s revival. However, a degree of skepticism lingers, with some questioning the veracity of the claims made in the official announcement.

Current Landscape and Beyond

As of the time of writing, the PEPE token price has exhibited a noteworthy rebound. Over the past 24 hours, it has gained 5.7%, positioning itself at $0.000000895278. This price movement is further accompanied by a current market capitalization of $382.7 million, as reported by CoinGecko.

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