Animoca Brands, a leading Web3 investment firm, has now become the largest validator on The Open Network (TON) blockchain. This strategic investment signals a new era for blockchain-based games, with a focus on reaching Telegram’s colossal user base of 800 million.

Investment, Validator Agreement, GameFi Development and Market Research

While the exact value of Animoca’s investment remains undisclosed, it’s known that a portion of it has been directly allocated to Toncoin. This further solidifies its position as the primary validator. This move is a testament to Animoca’s commitment to the TON blockchain protocol.

Animoca Brands has conducted comprehensive market research, emphasizing TON’s potential to drive cryptocurrency and GameFi adoption. The company is strategically aligning itself with TON Play, a gaming infrastructure project on the TON blockchain.

This initiative enables the development of gaming applications that can be seamlessly launched on Telegram. Further, with the added capability of porting existing web-based games to the messaging app.

Ton Play and Portfolio Expansion to Telegram

Ton Play, a major component of Animoca’s strategy, empowers developers to deliver games to Telegram’s massive user base. Through its web application and the PlayDeck bot on the mobile app, users can explore a diverse catalog of mobile games. Animoca plans to leverage this channel to deliver innovative blockchain-based games to Telegram users.

Furthermore, Animoca Brands explores the possibility of porting a selection of its existing gaming titles and applications, adding to Telegram’s gaming repertoire. This move aims to enhances the gaming experience on the messaging platform. Also, it will expand Animoca’s reach within the TON ecosystem.

Animoca Brands Research also introduces the TON Analytics Dashboard, providing a live monitoring tool for key networks within the TON ecosystem. This comprehensive platform gathers metrics from TON Blockchain, TON DNS, TON Storage, and TON Sites, offering valuable insights to both developers and users.

Strategic Vision and Future Growth

An image showing TON and Animoca Brands logos

Justin Hyun, TON Foundation director of growth, acknowledges the significance of Animoca’s analytics platform and research reports in infusing Web3 functionality into the daily experiences of Telegram users. Yat Siu, Animoca Brands co-founder, also emphasizes the alignment of this investment with the company’s mission to drive adoption and transition from Web2 to Web3.

Siu highlights the substantial growth potential for gaming within the TON ecosystem. He further outlined Animoca’s commitment to developing TON-based games in the coming years. This partnership underscores Animoca’s belief in the successful realization of TON’s vision for bringing Web3 into the mainstream.

This collaboration with TON marks Animoca Brands’ second foray into blockchain protocol validation in November 2023. The company recently joined Chiliz Chain as a validator, contributing to the development of fan tokens for major global football and sports teams.

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