Apple set to remove Damus, a decentralized social media app, from the Apple App Store due to its Bitcoin (BTC) tipping feature.

Apple’s Warning Letter

On June 13, the creators of Damus shared a warning letter from Apple, informing them that their app would be taken down from the platform. The reason cited was the app’s “Zaps” feature, which allows users to tip content creators and fellow users using Bitcoin. The integration of the Lighting Network widget made it possible to facilitate Bitcoin payments and tips on the platform.

According to Apple, the Zaps feature violates their policy, which strictly prohibits any tipping functionality outside of in-app purchases. Apple further emphasized that even if the tipping feature is optional, users associated with receiving digital content must adhere to guideline 3.1.1 and utilize in-app purchases.

Nonetheless, the Damus team considers this situation a watershed moment with significant implications for platforms that support peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions. They clarified that Damus does not engage in selling digital goods or provide features for such transactions. Its main purpose is to facilitate P2P transactions through tip buttons, similar to platforms like Venmo or Cash App.

Apple to Remove Damus from App Store

Crypto Tipping’s Popularity and Apple’s Contradiction

Over time, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency tipping have gained popularity on various social media platforms, including Twitter and Reddit. The introduction of this feature enables P2P transactions without the need for intermediaries.

Interestingly, Apple had previously approved the “Game of Birds” app, which featured Bitcoin tipping, back in 2015.

One of the creators behind Nostr, known as Walker on Twitter, expressed disagreement with Apple’s objection to the Zaps feature. Walker pointed out that Damus does not sell any digital content, and requested Apple to rectify their mistake.

Questioning Apple’s Policy Consistency

Meanwhile, many crypto enthusiasts raised concerns regarding the discrepancy between allowing tips on Twitter while prohibiting the same feature on Damus. Some accused Apple of prioritizing the interests of Silicon Valley.

By adhering to Apple’s guidelines, Damus could face delisting from the Apple App Store, raising questions about the consistency of Apple’s policies regarding tipping functionality. The outcome of this situation will likely have an impact on the future of peer-to-peer transactions in the digital landscape.

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