Ark Invest, led by Cathie Wood, has made a surprising yet essential move by amending its Bitcoin ETF filing for the third time. This recent amendment has sparked considerable interest within the financial community due to substantial enhancements introduced by Ark Invest.

Key Updates in Ark Invest 3rd Amendment

Bloomberg’s ETF expert, Eric Balchunas, disclosed the latest developments, describing them as a positive stride in the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) clearance process.

Notably, the disclosure of a fee structure for the proposed ETF—charging 80 basis points (bps)—has garnered attention. This step towards fee transparency aligns with the growing demand for clear fee structures in the ETF space, making Ark Invest the first issuer to explicitly declare such a fee.

Delving deeper into the amendment details, Balchunas highlighted significant updates related to new risk disclosures. These modifications likely aim to address concerns raised by the SEC’s Division of Corporation Finance (Corp Fin).

Ark Invest and 21Shares Amend Bitcoin ETF Application: Third Update Unveiled

Interestingly, the filing maintains a commitment to in-kind creations and redemptions, albeit in a hybrid model. This strategic decision aims to minimize tax implications and tackle potential spread issues, signaling a deliberate approach to ETF structure optimization.

Balchunas noted,

Some issuers may challenge the SEC’s suggestion of cash creations in favor of pushing for in-kind creations due to the evident benefits for investors. The outcome of this debate remains uncertain.

SEC Delays and Implications for Spot Bitcoin ETF Approvals

An earlier report by Bloomberg’s James Seyffart detailed the SEC’s postponement of approvals for spot Bitcoin ETFs, citing insights from the SEC’s Trading and Markets division. These delays, while expected, are generally viewed positively, indicating thorough regulatory consideration.

The SEC’s suggestion for cash creations might impact broker-dealers, yet Balchunas remains optimistic about the efficiency of this approach.

The delays in deciding on spot Bitcoin ETFs, including those from Franklin Templeton and Global X also stir speculation within the crypto sphere. Seyffart anticipated an extended comment period of at least 35 days, pushing the final decision timeline further ahead.

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