A crypto mining facility in an Arkansas County, previously criticized by locals for its noise levels and alleged threat to national security, has emerged victorious in a legal dispute.

Despite complaints about the disruptive noise and environmental concerns surrounding the Jones Digital LLC crypto mine in DeWitt, a recent legal ruling has granted the facility immunity from police intervention. This means that, even if the facility exceeds the recently established noise limits, it is protected from law enforcement actions.

Residents of DeWitt had expressed discontent regarding the noise emanating from the crypto mine and raised apprehensions about its potential environmental impact.

Legal Battle Unfolds: Jones Digital Prevails Against Noise Restrictions in Arkansas Crypto Mine

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Local sentiments were captured in a petition that labeled the facility as “another unwelcome communist Chinese crypto mining site.”

To address concerns about noise, the Arkansas County Quorum Court had introduced updated noise limits on October 10, replacing the ones enforced in July. This action was prompted by a statewide rush to establish new noise regulations before August 1.

The urgency stemmed from the introduction of Act 851. This legislation explicitly prohibited any form of “discrimination” against data centers and crypto miners.

However, a recent ruling reported by Arkansas Business has granted Jones Digital a preliminary injunction. This injunction prevents any Arkansas law enforcement entity from enforcing the newly instituted noise restrictions.

Legal representatives for Jones Digital argued that the updated limits were discriminatory and contravened Act 851.

Jones Digital: Legal Victory, Environmental Clearance, and Safety Assurance for Arkansas Crypto Mine

The company expressed a willingness to adhere to the noise limits set in July. District Judge Lee P. Rudofsky sided with Jones Digital, asserting that the noise limits introduced on October 10 were in violation of state law.

Lawyers representing Jones Digital remarked;

“Our client hoped to avoid litigation, but the October ordinance really gave our client no choice.”

Addressing environmental concerns, the judge found no evidence suggesting that the crypto mine would cause harm to the environment. Additionally, he concluded that there is no indication of adverse health effects.

During the hearing, two witnesses attested to the safety of the DeWitt crypto mine for humans. They also stated that it would not produce noise levels comparable to other crypto mines in Arkansas County.

Jones Digital Triumphs: Resolving Environmental Concerns in Arkansas Crypto Mining

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Contrary to circulating rumors, Jones Digital’s legal team argued that there is no potential pollution of Arkansas County streams and waterways. They emphasized that the mine operates with a closed water system, guaranteeing no discharge into the watershed.

Additionally, they refuted claims of loud noises driving away waterfowl.

The judge concurred with the argument presented.

He asserted that even at peak operation, the noise generated by the crypto mine would be well below levels capable of causing hearing damage. Additionally, he stated that the noise would not have an impact on local waterfowl.

Reports indicate that the crypto mine is linked to Bono Management Inc. It is owned by Yizheng Ethan Wang and Li Li, both of whom play managerial roles at a bitcoin mine near Greenbrier. This mine is also allegedly generating noise complaints.

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