On the 20th of October, the Ethereum layer-2 Base Network unveiled a groundbreaking initiative. This initiative is an intensive eight-week training program. Its aim is to transform conventional software developers into proficient blockchain developers. The program is named “Base Bootcamp” and is distinct in that it does not entail an enrollment fee.

However, it is crucial to note that this program is meticulously designed for individuals who fall under the category of “mid to senior-level contributors in the field of software engineering.” As a prospective student, you are required to submit an application. Your acceptance into the program serves as a prerequisite for participation.

Moreover, it’s important to be aware that the program’s capacity is limited. Each “cohort” will comprise fewer than 20 students. Additionally, it’s worth noting that applications will no longer be accepted after the 27th of October, as clearly outlined in the official announcement.

Base Network’s Innovative Educational Initiative: Bridging the Web3 Skills Gap for Blockchain Developers

In their official statement, Base Network emphasizes the crucial need for this educational initiative. It has arisen due to the significant shortage of software blockchain developers with the capability to build Web3 applications.

The document underlines this issue, stating, “At present, the count of onchain developers stands at fewer than 30,000.” In stark contrast, it points out, “There are nearly 30 million software developers.”

This glaring disparity highlights a stark reality. It’s important to note that only 0.1% of software developers are actively involved in the realm of Web3.

It is important to note that Base had previously introduced an online training initiative, referred to as “Base Camp,” which was open to all.

Nevertheless, Base realized that it wasn’t sufficient as “maintaining the motivation to independently acquire a complex new skill can be an arduous undertaking.” As a remedy to this, Base Bootcamp has been structured to provide substantial support to developers who prefer not to tread this path alone.

Each enrolled student in Base Bootcamp will be thoughtfully matched with a mentor, with whom they will convene on a weekly basis.

Additionally, they will gain access to a cohort of experts from Coinbase and Base who will be readily available during working hours to address any queries. A private Discord server will be set up for students. This enables them to communicate with peers and interact with Base engineers.

Furthermore, the program will incorporate supplementary assignments, subject to evaluation by members of the instructional team. To culminate the program, students will be tasked with creating their individual Web3 application and presenting it to their peers.

Fostering Web3 Development Skills: Base Bootcamp’s Unique Approach and Industry Challenges

While the program does not charge tuition fees, it does require prospective students to provide a deposit of 1 Ether (ETH). This deposit, valued at $1,606, serves as collateral to demonstrate their commitment to the program. Importantly, upon successful graduation, this deposit will be promptly refunded.

The persistent shortage of qualified Web3 developers is a recurring predicament within the industry. Some educational institutions in Australia have proposed the introduction of Web3 development curricula in high schools as a strategic solution.

In parallel, various enterprises have embarked on initiatives aimed at simplifying Web3 development. For instance, Circle recently launched a suite of tools that empower developers to deploy contracts utilizing familiar Web2 methodologies.

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