Bitcoin core developer Luke Dashjr denies involvement in flagging Bitcoin inscriptions as a cybersecurity risk on the US National Vulnerability Database. The controversy arose when Dashjr claimed that inscriptions are used by the Ordinals protocol and BRC-20 creators.

Furthermore, these inscriptions embed data on satoshis and exploit a vulnerability in Bitcoin Core, leading to blockchain spam. However, despite Dashjr’s criticism of Bitcoin Ordinals, he asserts no role in adding inscriptions to the CVE list on the NVD.

The CVE list allows any developer to report vulnerabilities, with the CVE Assignment Team determining the importance for public awareness. Contrary to speculations, Dashjr clarified that he did not contribute to the addition of inscriptions to the vulnerability database.

National Vulnerability Database’s View on Bitcoin Inscriptions

Bitcoin Entries Integrated into US National Vulnerability Database

In an update on December 11, the NVD assigned inscriptions a “5.3 Medium” severity score. Dashjr explained that this score might underestimate the potential long-term effects of blockchain bloat.

Additionally, he emphasized the importance of considering the impact on Bitcoin network availability. Furthermore, Dashjr suggested that if the availability impact were classified as “High,” the CVSS base score would be 7.5.

The debate on the nature of Bitcoin inscriptions persists on social media, with some Bitcoiners accusing them of “spamming the network.” Advocates of Ordinals, like Taproot Wizards co-founder Udi Wertheimer, argue that Ordinals are vital for the next major wave of adoption and revenue generation for the Bitcoin network.

Bitcoin Congestion and Ordinals’ Impact

Bitcoin Ordinals Still Dominating Despite Price Decline

The Bitcoin network has experienced increased congestion due to the growing interest in Ordinals’ nonfungible token inscriptions and BRC-20 token minting. With over 275,000 unconfirmed transactions, the potential patching of the inscriptions bug could restrict future Ordinals inscriptions on the network.

The ongoing discussion highlights the challenges posed by technological developments in the cryptocurrency space, as differing perspectives emerge on the impact of innovations like Ordinals on the Bitcoin network.

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