Bitso, a prominent Mexican cryptocurrency exchange, has unveiled a groundbreaking international payments solution. The primary objective of this innovative service is to bridge the gap between the Latin American realm and the global stage.

Its core functionality empowers companies to seamlessly send and receive international payments, encompassing cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies, and stablecoins. The company spokesperson expressed,

With this launch, we seek to boost the economies of our region, by facilitating operations between countries and opening trade corridors that increase the development and prosperity of Latin America.

Encompassing Bitso’s existing operational domains—Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, and Colombia—the service aspires to leverage its presence across these nations.

At present, Bitso stands as a frontrunner among cryptocurrency exchanges in both Mexico and Latin America. The enterprise’s inception traces back to 2014, when Ben Peters, Daniel Vogel, and Pablo Gonzalez established it in Mexico.

Fueling the Mexican Cryptocurrency Exchange Ecosystem: Adoption and Growth in a Crypto-Savvy Nation

Cryptocurrency Landscape

Mexico stands as a prominent Latin American nation with a noteworthy prevalence of cryptocurrency holders among its populace. This prevalence contributes to nurturing a robust cryptocurrency ecosystem within the region.

According to Statista, Mexico holds a commendable position in the global cryptocurrency adoption landscape, ranking among the top 30 nations. The country’s rapid adoption of digital currencies is gaining momentum, driven by their increasing use for global remittance transfers.

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