Spark Protocol, a DAI-centric DeFi lending platform within the MakerDAO ecosystem, has announced its deployment on Gnosis Blockchain, an Ethereum Virtual Machine sidechain with over 150,000 validators.

This move signifies Spark Protocol’s expansion beyond the Ethereum ecosystem as part of its multi-chain strategy introduced in June 2023. The deployment enables Gnosis users to natively mint DAI on Gnosis Chain, offering lower gas fees compared to the Ethereum Mainnet and the enhanced security of a diverse validator set.

Immutable Collaborates with Amazon Web Services to Accelerate Web3 and Blockchain Gaming

A blockchain network operator for Web3 gaming, is partnering with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to accelerate the onboarding of game studios to the Web3 space.

In addition, Immutable has joined AWS’s ISV Accelerate Program, offering startups building on Immutable access to AWS Activate, which provides up to $100,000 in AWS credits, technical support, training, and resources.

XYO Network Expands to Optimism with ZK-Powered Location Protocol

XYO Network Expands to Optimism Blockchain with ZK-Powered Location Protocol

Moreover, XYO Network, known for its decentralized location oracles using zero-knowledge proofs, has launched on Optimism. This integration enhances liquidity for crypto assets and showcases the potential for blockchain technology to revolutionize data-dependent industries.

ZorroSign Integrates with Provenance Blockchain for Enhanced Data Security

ZorroSign, a specialist in data security solutions built on blockchain technology, has expanded its capabilities to Provenance Blockchain. Further, this integration allows ZorroSign users to store digital document information on the blockchain, ensuring the immutability of data through digital certificates with audit trails.

Vechain Awards $46K in Sustainability-Themed Hackathon at Harvard

Additionally, Vechain, an enterprise-grade blockchain based in San Marino, has awarded $46,000 in prizes during a 36-hour sustainability-themed hackathon hosted at Harvard University. Winners included projects like Movelo, FiTag, and PropelPixel.

Web3 Foundation Allocates $41M for Polkadot Development Fund

The Web3 Foundation, which supports the Polkadot Network and its DOT Token, is launching a development fund to boost projects building on Polkadot.

In addition, the foundation is allocating 20 million CHF ($22 million) and 5 million DOT ($19 million) from the Polkadot Treasury to support projects with a meaningful impact on Polkadot’s future.

Neutral Raises $3.2M for Regulated Carbon-Credit Exchange

Neutral, a platform focused on building a regulated exchange for tokenized environmental assets, has secured $3.2 million in funding. This round was led by North Island Ventures, with contributions from Redalpine, DCG, Cerulean Ventures, Factor Capital, Very Early Ventures, and Rarestone.

Moreover, Neutral aims to provide the infrastructure for pricing and trading environmental assets such as carbon and renewable-energy credits.

Quant Unveils ‘Overledger Authorise’ for Enhanced Blockchain Security

Moreover, Quant, a London-based provider of central-bank-grade key management, has introduced Overledger Authorise. It is designed to integrate digital asset and blockchain keys with existing security systems.

Furthermore, this innovation also simplifies key management and transaction signing, making blockchain adoption safer and also more efficient, as demonstrated in Project Rosalind, a collaboration with the Bank of England.

CreatorDAO Launches ‘Launchpad’ Bootcamp for Content Creators

CreatorDAO, a decentralized community supporting creators, is launching a free online bootcamp called “Launchpad.” This initiative also aims to assist aspiring creators in transforming their passions into profitable long-form YouTube channels.

Consequently, founded with a $20 million seed funding round, CreatorDAO boasts support from notable investors, including Andreessen Horowitz, Y-Combinator President also CEO Garry Tan, and others.

VitaDAO Kickstarts Matrix Biosciences in Biotech Exploration

VitaDAO, a decentralized science (DeSci) DAO, has initiated Matrix Biosciences – a biotech company in collaboration with Vera Gorbunova of the University of Rochester’s Aging Research Center. With an initial investment of $300,000, Matrix Biosciences will also explore hyaluronic acid-based compounds.

Moreover, it will do so with a focus on cancer and aging treatments, drawing insights from cancer-resistant naked mole rats. Anticipated further funding through IP-NFT fractionalization is expected in early 2024.

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