During a press briefing at COP28 orchestrated by the Climate Chain Coalition, a declaration was issued concerning an upcoming three-day initiative presented under the Green Digital Vision and hosted by the Slovenian Ministry of Economy, Tourism, and Sport.

Scheduled from December 5 to 7, this collaborative effort involves key partners such as Future Blockchain Summit, MCH Global, IAAI GloCha, AV Living Lab, Karrier One, AWS Dubai, and the Garibay Institute.

Set to take place at the Slovenian Pavilion within the COP28 Green Zone, accessible to all participants, the program intends to demonstrate how cutting-edge digital technologies, with a specific focus on blockchain, can play a pivotal role in advancing both green and digital transitions in alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Nena Dokuzov, representing the Slovenian Government, expressed;

“The three-day event will revolve around strategies for achieving a green and digital transition, with a primary objective of fostering international collaboration in this domain. Leading Slovenian tech enterprises will showcase innovative solutions geared towards facilitating a more efficient digital transition. This encompasses advancements in hydrogen technologies, with a particular emphasis on the hydrogen ecosystem. Notably, a recent breakthrough by Ljubljana Technology Park in this realm will be highlighted.”

Dubai’s Green Digital Vision: Technology, Sustainability, and Financial Strategies at COP28

Laser Digital ontains VARA license in Dubai

Dr. Marwan Al Zarouni, addressing the media, emphasized Dubai’s commitment to environmental initiatives. He mentioned Dubai Economic Agenda 2033 (D33), outlining the focus on a knowledge economy utilizing technology for climate and sustainability.

Furthermore, sustainable manufacturing and streamlined farming processes were highlighted during discussions. These processes are facilitated by the integration of blockchain technology and NFTs. These technologies, in particular, are identified as pivotal in adding significant value to these key areas.

However, Oscar Wendel from MCH Global unveiled plans for the conference days, revealing that the inaugural day would concentrate on Sustainable Finance.

Green Digital Vision: Unveiling Innovations in Art, Music, and Sustainable Solutions at COP28

The second day will feature Fernando Garibay, who will discuss art and creativity as instruments for soft power to achieve SDGs.

He also hinted at a global music project set to launch in 2024. Additionally, inventor David Chaum will present AstroCool, a research initiative focused on mining and dispersing moon dust to shield the earth from the sun.

Sunita Khatri, representing the Dubai World Trade Centre, conveyed her enthusiasm for the collaboration. This collaboration involves the Future Blockchain Summit, Slovenia, and the Climate Chain Coalition. It culminates in a joint program at COP28.

Prior to this, there were joint presentations at UN conferences in Bonn and New York. The primary aim of these presentations was to advocate for climate action.

Notably, AV Living Lab’s contributions to sustainable transport will be showcased, emphasizing their use of advanced digital WEB3 technologies. These technologies include artificial intelligence, data models, metaverses, and sustainable mobility.

Innovating for Sustainability: Mobility, Smart Cities, and Water Management

The spotlight will be on how these elements collectively contribute to their innovative approach. This comprehensive ecosystem aims to significantly reduce the environmental impact by introducing technological innovations in mobility.

However, the conversation will delve into the prospective evolution of cities and communities. It will underscore technological solutions aimed at attaining climate neutrality in ‘smart’ cities. This discussion will leverage insights from best practices observed in Dubai, Tampere, and Ljubljana.

Moreover, December 7th is earmarked for the European Union’s focus on interoperable digital infrastructures and data. The program will showcase examples of the next generation Euro Cloud, EBSI, and GAIA-X for geolocation.

In collaboration with AWS, the final day will be dedicated to the water sector, coinciding with Slovenia’s assumption of the Presidency of the 2024 Water Convention.

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