BNB Chain, the community-driven blockchain ecosystem, has unveiled its Greenfield Mainnet.

This network is a decentralized storage-centric platform designed to support data-intensive decentralized applications within the BNB ecosystem. Greenfield offers customizable storage solutions that seamlessly integrate with smart contracts on the BNB Smart Chain.

Key Features of Greenfield Mainnet

  • Impressive Bandwidth: Greenfield has undergone several rounds of stress testing, demonstrating impressive uplink bandwidth of 30M/sec and downlink bandwidth of 300M/sec. Service providers can upload 30 files/sec.
  • Integrated Access Control: Users can upload data to Greenfield while setting specific access permissions. Service providers store this data off-chain with redundancy and backups, ensuring data security.
  • Cross-Chain Capabilities: BNB Chain users can develop complementary data-related products and services. Greenfield enables the creation of data marketplaces, allowing users to create, list, trade, and sell their data.

Greenfield Mainnet in Testing Phase

During testing, Greenfield successfully handled over 200,000 on-chain transactions and connected with 150,000 distinct wallet addresses. This robust performance demonstrates its capability to handle substantial data volumes.

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Greenfield offers various applications for users, developers, data managers, business owners, and creators, including decentralized hosting, a knowledge economy platform, IP infrastructure for AIGC content, data management solutions, and more.

Arnaud Bauer, Senior Solution Architect at BNB Chain, Comments

Arnaud Bauer expressed the transformative potential of BNB Greenfield in the world of Web3 data ownership and the data economy. He emphasized that Greenfield empowers users with data control, reducing the risks of breaches and data loss. The recent BNB Chain Hackathon showcased innovative decentralized applications utilizing Greenfield’s decentralized file storage capabilities.

Recent Flash Loan Attack on BNB Chain

The launch of Greenfield follows a flash loan attack on the BNB Chain. The attacker used a bot to borrow a significant amount of USDT from a lending platform and manipulated the price of BH on PancakeSwap, resulting in the largest single arbitrage profit in the chain’s history. The attack, with minimal fees of $4.16, underscores the importance of security measures in the DeFi ecosystem.

BNB Chain continues to evolve and expand its offerings, with Greenfield contributing to the growth of decentralized data storage and application development within the ecosystem.

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