Burnt, a Web3 foundry, has made a significant announcement. Consequently, they have unveiled the public launch of the testnet for XION, a groundbreaking layer-1 blockchain designed with a focus on consumer adoption.

Notably, this development is accompanied by a strategic investment from Circle Ventures, the venture capital division of Circle, a prominent global financial technology firm known for issuing USDC, a fully-reserved digital dollar.


The XION blockchain sets itself apart by making USDC its primary transactional currency. USDC, a stablecoin known for its full backing with U.S. dollars, will be at the core of all transactions within the XION ecosystem. One significant advantage of this integration is that all products and services built on XION will display prices in USDC, addressing a fundamental technical challenge.

USDC launches on Xion Blockchain

Another noteworthy feature is its commitment to gasless transactions. Gas fees have been a recurring concern for blockchain users, and XION aims to eliminate this issue entirely. Moreover, users on the XION blockchain will experience frictionless transactions, enhancing the overall user experience.

A Drive For Consumer Adoption and Innovation

Burnt’s launch of the blockchain with USDC as the primary token also marks pivotal moment in the blockchain industry. Furthermore, by simplifying transactions and addressing key technical barriers, it is also poised to drive consumer adoption and innovation within the blockchain space.

Lastly, the partnership with Circle Ventures further solidifies this initiative, promising a bright future for the blockchain and the broader crypto ecosystem.

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