Chase Bank, a subsidiary of JPMorgan Chase, is set to implement strict measures regarding crypto transactions for its United Kingdom customers, starting October 16. This decision comes in response to a significant increase in crypto-related fraud and scams, posing a threat to customer security and financial wellbeing.

New Crypto Transaction Restrictions

Effective October 16, Chase Bank customers in the United Kingdom will face limitations. This is on their ability to engage in cryptocurrency transactions using their debit cards or bank transfers. The new policy aims to safeguard customers from potential crypto-related fraud attempts.

Chase’s decision to enforce these restrictions stems from a surge in crypto-related fraud and scams. According to data from Britain’s fraud reporting agency, Action Fraud, crypto-related losses in the United Kingdom escalated by over 40% year-over-year as of May 2023, surpassing £300 million ($365 million).

Chase’s spokesperson emphasized the bank’s commitment to securing customers’ funds, citing the alarming increase in crypto scams targeting U.K. consumers.

Email Notification of Policy Change, Customers Reactions

Chase Bank initially communicated these policy changes to its customers via email on September 26. The bank cited the growing trend of fraudsters utilizing crypto assets to steal substantial sums of money as the primary motivation behind the decision.

Following the email announcement, some Chase customers voiced their dissatisfaction with the new restrictions on social media platforms like X (formerly Twitter). Critics argue that these measures restrict users’ freedom to engage with crypto assets under the pretext of investor protection.

One Bitcoin enthusiast expressed their frustration. He compared the ban on crypto transactions to banning computers due to fraudster use. Also, he humorously suggesting a return to pen and paper.

Chase Bank’s Reach and Impact

Chase Bank is a prominent retail-focused bank with a mobile app that offers fee-free banking services. Operating a vast network of over 4,600 branches worldwide, Chase boasts more than 50 million active users. It’s important to note that these restrictions will affect only around 2% of the bank’s global user base. Moreover, the U.K. customer count reached 1 million as of September 2022.

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