Circle, a prominent issuer of USD Coin (USDC), has unveiled the introduction of native stablecoin liquidity access to the NEAR protocol ecosystem. This strategic move offers users the ability to interact with USDC on NEAR through Circle Account and Circle APIs, significantly expanding the use cases for this digital asset.

Native USDC Integration on NEAR

Moreover, through the utilization of Circle Account and Circle APIs, users can now seamlessly access the NEAR USDC pairing, opening the door to a wide range of applications and functionalities.

These include low-cost payments and international remittances, continuous 24/7 trading, flexible borrowing and lending opportunities, along with the option for individuals to safeguard their savings in digital dollars without relying on traditional banking institutions.

Circle to offer USDC on NEAR protocol

Moreover, this integration empowers developers to leverage the NEAR blockchain’s remarkable speed and scalability to create swift and user-friendly applications using USDC.

Strengthening Circle’s Position in the US Crypto Ecosystem

This significant addition follows Circle’s strategic efforts to solidify its presence within the United States cryptocurrency ecosystem. Notably, Circle garnered substantial influence when Coinbase, a prominent crypto exchange platform, acquired a stake in the company. This collaboration could prove pivotal, as regulatory authorities may view favorably the partnership between two U.S.-based entities.

Further, this expansion reflects Circle’s ongoing commitment to expanding the accessibility and utility of USDC across diverse blockchain platforms.

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