In the domain of exploring the Avalanche Blockchain, Etherscan’s Explorer-as-a-Service (EaaS) has witnessed a surge in its annual subscription fees. These fees have accumulated to a substantial $2 million each year.

SnowTrace, a widely esteemed toolkit tailored for delving into the intricate complexities of the Avalanche blockchain, stands at the verge of ceasing its digital existence. The bedrock of SnowTrace’s platform derives its vigor from Etherscan’s EaaS service.

Notably, This virtual landscape will fade away on the eve of November 30. The devoted SnowTrace team has emphatically conveyed that only their Etherscan-powered explorer will be retired.

However, On October 30, a proclamation was made, urging SnowTrace’s users to diligently safeguard their crucial data. This imperative task encompasses preserving cherished designations, hidden aliases, and the intricate web of contact verification details.

Although, the reasons behind the impending closure of the explorer remain shrouded in secrecy, speculation has thrived regarding the substantial costs associated with Etherscan’s EaaS toolkit.

Mikko Ohtama, co-founder of Trading Strategy, expounded on this, stating that a yearly commitment to EaaS could entail a significant price ranging from one to two million dollars. In his own words:

“EtherScan is a very good product, but smart contract verification is something that needs to be decentralised. Regulators and other are not going to be kosher with ‘how do you check this?’ ‘the source code is hosted by a private company in Malaysia.’”

Avalanche Blockchain : Evolutionary Path Amidst Etherscan’s EaaS Controversy

Phillip Liu Jr., a prominent strategist and operational maestro at Ava Labs, emphasizes that the protocol is embarking on an evolutionary journey towards brighter horizons. This evolution unequivocally signifies that cessation is not on the horizon.

Furthermore, In exchange for a fee, Etherscan’s EaaS service unfurls its trove, bestowing upon blockchains a comprehensive explorer and an application programming interface (API) remedy. Moreover, the shroud of obscurity may descend upon a block explorer for various reasons. These include the non-renewal of an EaaS service contract, bandwidth limitations, or a constriction in traffic.

However, In the face of such dire circumstances, users are strongly encouraged to preserve their data treasures. This involves the preservation of hidden designations. It requires the upkeep of records detailing past transactions and the meticulous nuances of contract validation. All of this must be done before the final chapter unfolds.

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