Jaynti Kanani, one of the co-founders of Polygon, has recently announced his decision to step back from his active role within the project. Despite this transition, he expressed his continued support for Polygon, signaling a new chapter in his career.

Jaynti Kanani’s Announcement

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Jaynti Kanani made his announcement via X (formerly Twitter), revealing that he had made this decision approximately six months ago. He intends to shift his focus towards new endeavors while maintaining his support for Polygon from the sidelines.

Sandeep Nailwal, another co-founder, acknowledged Kanani’s decision and expressed his desire to continue working together for an extended period.


This indicates a respectful and amicable parting between the co-founders.

Leadership Changes at Polygon Labs

In July, the company behind the Polygon network also underwent leadership changes. Marc Boiron, the Chief Legal Officer, was appointed as the new CEO, while the previous president, Ryan Wyatt, transitioned into an advisory role.

Despite Jaynti Kanani’s decision to step back from an active role in the company, the stability of the MATIC token, the network’s native cryptocurrency, suggests that investor confidence in the project remains intact.

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