Coin98, an expansive multi-chain wallet and decentralized finance (DeFi) hub, has introduced a decentralized application (dapp) bazaar powered by the NEAR’s Blockchain Operating System (B.O.S).

This marks a significant stride toward furnishing streamlined entry into prominent Layer-2 (L2) ecosystems. The announcement transpired on November 2, 2023, through a press statement from the NEAR Foundation.

Coin98 Enhances Dapp Marketplace with NEAR’s Blockchain via B.O.S Technology

The infusion of NEAR’s B.O.S technology into Coin98’s offerings empowers more than 7 million users scattered across 170 nations to interact with a user-friendly dapp marketplace interface. Through this interface, patrons can seamlessly navigate top-tier bridging and DeFi protocols, augmenting the overall user journey.

The on-chain residency of the frontend code of the dapps showcased within the Coin98 dapp marketplace epitomizes the quintessence of genuine decentralization.

Coin98’s endeavor aims to disband the prevailing fragmentation encountered during the induction into L2 and DeFi ecosystems.

The Coin98 Super Wallet serves over 70 chains and 15,000 dapps. It has incorporated the B.O.S gateway, making it easier to explore cross-chain bridging, financial markets, and decentralized exchanges. This unified interface requires only one connection to access a curated selection of protocols and applications compatible with each ecosystem.

Expanding L2 Support and Enhancing User Experience with B.O.S Technology

The decentralized dapp marketplace lends support to a spectrum of leading L2 solutions, encompassing Polygon zkEVM, zkSync, Base, and Linea. These solutions are now conveniently accessible through both Coin98’s online portal and mobile application, stimulating user involvement with diverse blockchain landscapes.

This integration streamlines the interaction with an array of gadgets devoted to each ecosystem, thereby further streamlining the induction process for both neophyte and experienced blockchain enthusiasts.

By harnessing the B.O.S technology stack for decentralized frontends, Coin98 has effectively engineered a genuinely decentralized dapp marketplace. The featured dapps on this platform represent frontend constituents whose coding is immured on NEAR’s blockchain, interfacing directly with the intelligent contracts on their originating chains.

This configuration not only elevates the user experience but also underscores the potential of B.O.S in augmenting Web3 user engagement by resolving intricate onboarding and fragmented user experience challenges in the Web3 sphere.

Simplifying User Engagement and NEAR’s Commitment to the Open Web

The introduction of the dapp marketplace is in line with Coin98’s tactic to invigorate user acquisition and engagement within a fiercely competitive wallet sector. By simplifying the manner in which users interact with top-tier L2 solutions, Coin98 has staked its claim as a trailblazer in the blockchain realm.

This development also exemplifies NEAR’s unwavering commitment to simplifying the blockchain expedition and broadening worldwide entry into the Open Web.

Thành Lê, the visionary founder of Coin98, has accentuated the platform’s dedication to delivering a user-friendly interface, all while upholding the underlying ethos of decentralization, a feat made possible by the NEAR B.O.S.

The expansion to encompass additional ecosystems and dapps is on the horizon, with B.O.S playing a pivotal role in considerably expediting the development process, thus enabling a swift and scalable assimilation of novel applications.

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