In a captivating turn of events on July 5, a lucky crypto investor suddenly found themselves thousands richer when Grogan unearthed $322k lost crypto. Conor Grogan, the head of product at Coinbase, took to Twitter to recount his exciting journey of unearthing dormant crypto assets and successfully reuniting them with their unsuspecting owner.

When the Ethereum blockchain experienced a fork in 2016, giving rise to Ethereum Classic (ETC), a significant opportunity emerged for investors. Grogan explained that any individual who possessed the now-standard Ether (ETH) on-chain received an identical amount of ETC through an airdrop.

Surprisingly, many investors remained unaware of these newfound funds, leaving them untouched.

The Quest for Dormant Wallets: A Challenging Pursuit

Tracking down these dormant wallets proved to be a formidable task. Grogan meticulously scoured the “ETC rich list,” diligently searching for accounts that had never accessed their ETC holdings.

He was however able to identify approximately 20 addresses with a collective value exceeding $250,000 in ETC. Afterwards, he embarked on the next phase of his quest-finding a way to contact the owners.

A screenshot of the details of the $322K lost crypto that was discovered

Despite encountering several dead ends during his pursuit, Grogan’s perseverance eventually paid off. He stumbled upon an address with the distinctive prefix “0x475.”

Intriguingly, this wallet contained a cryptocurrency called eosDAC (EOSDAC), which had been airdropped to Ethereum holders in 2018.

Unveiling the Clues: A Mysterious History

Leveraging the new information at hand, Grogan cleverly utilized the airdrop amount and snapshot date to establish a connection with the holder’s EOS wallet. Delving into the depths of legal documentation, he eventually unveiled the legal name associated with the elusive 0x475 ETH address.

In a truly heartwarming twist, Grogan successfully reached out to the owner and delivered the astounding news of their forgotten wealth. Reflecting on the experience, Grogan expressed hope that he had brightened the recipient’s day with the unexpected windfall.

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