Researchers from Indiana University Bloomington have uncovered the use of a chatgpt-powered botnet, named Fox8. This botnet is associated with cryptocurrency websites and was detected on the social platform X (previously Twitter).

Fox8 consisted of 1,140 accounts that utilized ChatGPT to generate and distribute content, engaging with other users’ posts. The purpose of the generated content was to entice people to click on hyperlinks leading to cryptocurrency-promoting sites.

The researchers detected the botnet’s operations by identifying a particular phrase. This phrase was occasionally used by ChatGPT in its responses. This discovery prompted them to investigate accounts suspected of being run by automated bots.

Cryptocurrency Scams Exposed: ChatGPT-Powered Botnet Exploit Vulnerabilities on Social Platform X

ChatGpt-Powered Botnet

Despite the botnet’s use of basic methods, it successfully spread persuasive messages that endorsed cryptocurrency platforms. This highlighted how easily AI can be exploited for fraudulent schemes.

Micah Musser, an expert in AI-driven misinformation, suggested that this discovery might just be the tip of the iceberg. He emphasized this in light of the widespread utilization of extensive language models and chatbots.

Musser commented, “This represents the more obvious cases. It’s highly probable that for each campaign you discover, numerous others are executing more sophisticated strategies.”

OpenAI explicitly prohibits the exploitation of its AI models for scams and disinformation. Researchers emphasized the challenge of detecting such botnets when they are configured adeptly, as they can adeptly elude detection and manipulate algorithms to propagate misinformation more effectively.

Heading the University’s investigation into Fox8, Professor Filippo Menczer noted that they only stumbled upon the botnet due to the perpetrators’ carelessness. Menczer remarked, “Any reasonably skilled malicious actors wouldn’t commit that blunder.”

Battle Against Cryptocurrency Spam Bots on X: Challenges Persist Despite Musk’s Changes

The online cryptocurrency community has long grappled with spam bots, which remain a recurring concern for influencers in the domain. While these bots are typically conspicuous on platforms like YouTube and X, they have nonetheless managed to defraud victims of millions by masquerading as celebrities and endorsing deceitful giveaways.

Despite Elon Musk’s assertion of “defeating the spam bots” after acquiring Twitter, Menczer believes that the prevalence of such bots has increased since Musk’s involvement. Menczer and his team have ceased sharing their findings about the bots with X.

“They rarely respond,” Menczer said. “They lack adequate personnel.”

Musk recently revealed that X would be discontinuing its blocking feature, a move that has garnered criticism from content creators concerned about their ability to curate their feeds and eliminate scammers and impersonators.

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