Dfinity and Singularitynet have revealed a joint initiative aimed at merging the Internet Computer blockchain with Singularitynet’s marketplace.

This strategic partnership has a goal to revolutionize the accessibility and transparency of decentralized large language models. The ultimate objective is to reshape the landscape of decentralized artificial intelligence.

Dfinity and Singularitynet, both contributing to the advancement of decentralized artificial intelligence, have embarked on a collaborative effort.

Dfinity, a non-profit research and development organization, and Singularitynet, a decentralized AI marketplace, are working together. Their goal is to enhance the infrastructure of decentralized artificial intelligence.

AI Revolution: Dfinity and Singularitynet Unite for Blockchain Integration

In a statement, the teams express their commitment. They are dedicated to addressing current challenges in AI tools and services. This commitment involves integrating the Internet Computer blockchain with the Singularitynet framework.

Despite the significant potential of AI and large language models (LLMs) in various industries, concerns arise due to the centralized nature of existing AI tools. These concerns specifically pertain to transparency in training data and trust in output results.

The joint initiative by Dfinity and Singularitynet seeks to overcome challenges. It aims to provide AI and Web3 developers with access to a unique blockchain. This blockchain is capable of running authentic decentralized artificial intelligence.

As part of this initiative, decentralized AI models on the Internet Computer Protocol will operate exclusively within smart contracts. This approach ensures open-source and tamper-proof training parameters and inputs.

Empowering Decentralized AI: Singularitynet and Dfinity Forge Strategic Collaboration

The Singularitynet Marketplace connects AI service providers with blockchain application developers. This platform plays a crucial role in ensuring transparency and verification of all large language models published.

Dominic Williams, the founder and chief scientist of the Dfinity Foundation, emphasized the leading role of the Internet Computer in hosting artificial intelligence on the blockchain.

In his statement, he mentioned that the collaboration with Singularitynet aligns with their vision for decentralized AI. He expressed anticipation for refining the decentralized AI framework alongside Dr. Ben Goertzel and his team.

The collaboration is expected to empower developers, allowing them to deploy advanced AI models using blockchain technology. This, in turn, enables algorithms to run at unprecedented speeds.

Decentralized AI Collaboration: Merged Grant Programs and Currency Insights

Both organizations have intentions to merge their grant programs, creating a comprehensive platform for community developer engagement. Through this integration, the aim is not only to foster development within the decentralized AI space but also to provide resources for developers to innovate and advance their projects.

Significantly, each initiative possesses its own native digital currency. The value of the Internet Computer’s (ICP) currency has seen a decline of 4.5% this week against the U.S. dollar.

In contrast, Singularitynet’s AGIX token has notably increased, rising by 19.4% in the last seven days. Looking at the past month, ICP has observed a 40% increase, whereas AGIX has gained an impressive 70% against the greenback over the same period.

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