Foreign tourists visiting China now have the opportunity to acquire digital yuan tokens using international cards through the official Central Bank’s Digital Yuan App. According to reports from China Business News via Yicai, the bank has recently enhanced its application.

This enhancement allows foreign travelers in China to easily download the digital yuan application from various app marketplaces. Notably, this significant update coincides with the ongoing Asian Games taking place in Hangzhou. The games began on September 21 and are scheduled to conclude on October 8.

Moreover, Beijing views the Asian Games as a paramount opportunity to present the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) on an international stage. This makes it a remarkable debut for the digital yuan.

Although previous events encouraged foreign visitors to adopt CBDC, this marks the first instance in which they are permitted to utilize mobile CBDC wallets. During the previous Winter Olympics, international athletes and coaches were encouraged to employ digital yuan “hard wallets.” These hard wallets consisted of wearable devices and smartcards.

The fresh service, which is now available to international visitors, permits them to establish online e-CNY wallets. To set up these wallets, they must make an initial deposit of at least 100 yuan (equivalent to approximately $14 at the time of this writing).

Furthermore, should there be a balance left in their wallets upon departing China, they can promptly request a refund. The funds will be seamlessly transferred back to their bank accounts. In addition to this, users have the flexibility to deactivate their wallets at any moment.

Enhanced Accessibility and Features of the Digital Yuan App for Foreign Visitors in China

Chinese Business Air Travel Embraces Digital Yuan Integration

In a significant departure from previous initiatives showcasing the digital yuan, foreign visitors will not face limitations when making e-CNY payments. This grants them the freedom to use digital currency on platforms like DiDi,, and Meituan for online transactions.

Consequently, they can utilize it to pay for various services. This includes ride-sharing applications, both private and public transportation, as well as online purchases of food and other commodities.

Furthermore, the central bank has introduced an English-language customer service helpline and in-app chat-based assistance. Moreover, the Zhejiang Province branch of the central bank has reported that 121 “designated” hotels affiliated with the Asian Games and 55 medical clinics now offer digital yuan payment options.

Notably, more than 30 prominent shopping centers in close proximity to major stadiums have also embraced digital yuan app payments. However, nearly 80 tourist attractions throughout the region now accept digital yuan payments.

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