In the ongoing expansion of the “X everything app” concept, Elon Musk has initiated trials of video game streaming. Musk revealed that X intends to integrate streaming services with Xbox and PS5, albeit without aspirations of surpassing specialized streaming platforms.

Subsequently, while undergoing a 50-minute live session on October 6th, Musk immersed himself in playing the widely acclaimed online action role-playing game, Diablo 4.

As the stream commenced, Musk elucidated his objectives, stating;

“Our aim here is to ensure the audio maintains its normalcy, the visual quality remains consistently appealing, devoid of flickering, and that the comment section functions seamlessly.”

However, Despite the feature being in its infancy, the streaming quality remained unwavering, leaving Musk visibly impressed with the developers’ progress. He remarked, “It’s remarkable that it operates at all.”

Elon Musk Unveils Ambitions for X’s Streaming Service and ‘Everything App’ Vision

Towards the culmination of the stream, Musk engaged with his audience, addressing inquiries and providing additional context regarding X’s ambitions.

“We will add in streaming for Xbox and PS5. You know we’re not trying to do everything better than every other app, but we wanna say that, okay, if you wanna do something within the X system or the X platform, you can do it if you want,”

he asserted, adding;

“Specialized apps may still excel in numerous ways, but we envision ourselves as the premier generalist app. There is value in being a universal platform, facilitating discovery and interaction with a global audience.”

Musk refrained from disclosing plans involving payment integration or cryptocurrency with regards to subscriptions or donations within the streaming framework.

Elon Musk Unveils Ambitions for X's Streaming Service and 'Everything App' Vision

Notably, the initiative has garnered substantial interest. At the time of writing, the “broadcast” has garnered 2.8 million viewers within a few hours since the session concluded. Additionally, the tweet promoting the stream has accumulated a staggering 9.3 million views and over 5,300 retweets.

Furthermore, following the transition from Twitter to X in July, Musk elucidated that this was part of his strategy to cultivate an “everything app.” This envisioned platform would encompass a diverse range of social media functionalities and support financial services, including cryptocurrency.

This focus has led to X implementing the revenue-sharing model for X Premium subscribers, among other innovations, granting users the capability to directly upload videos and content onto the platform.

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