Ethereum’s layer-2 solutions, Base and zkSync Era, have not only successfully bolstered the Ethereum blockchain but have also outperformed it in terms of Transactions Per Second (TPS).

Base Network Showcases Remarkable TPS Surge

Base, the Coinbase-incubated layer-2 network, achieved a groundbreaking TPS rate of 12.93 on September 17th. This marked an astonishing 49.76% increase within just one week, surpassing Ethereum’s TPS rate of 10.18.

Base, the Coinbase-incubated layer-2 network, achieved a groundbreaking TPS rate of 12.93 on September 17th.

Base’s exceptional performance can be attributed to its recent surge in activity, driven by the decentralized social media platform The platform’s influence pushed Base to record nearly $19 million in trading volume, further enhancing the layer-2 blockchain’s network activity.

Base Demonstrates A Growing Presence

Base’s total assets locked have surged to approximately $380 million, with a notable trading volume of over $20 million in the past week.

Additionally, its daily transaction count reached an all-time high, exceeding 1.88 million, reflecting increasing retail adoption and smart contract interactions. This surge propelled Base into the top 10 rankings, surpassing even the well-established layer-1 network, Solana.

zkSync Era’s Impressive Journey

zkSync Era, powered by Matter Labs’ zero-knowledge (zk) rollup technology, has closely followed Base’s performance with a TPS rate of 12.62. This layer-2 solution became the first zkEVM to be publicly available in March, following four years of development.

Further, zkSync Era facilitates faster and more cost-effective transactions, contributing to its Total Value Locked (TVL) of $419 million.

Base and zkSync Era have not only fulfilled their roles in enhancing Ethereum’s scalability, they have also demonstrated remarkable resilience and performance during challenging market conditions. Their ability to surpass Ethereum’s TPS rate and attract substantial TVL reflects their significant impact on the blockchain ecosystem.

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