SEGA’s co-Chief Operating Officer, Shuji Utsumi, and the Chief Executive Officer of Double Jump Tokyo, Hironobu Ueno, share a vision. They foresee a future where blockchain technology becomes integral to the gaming industry.

In a recent discourse with the Japanese publication, Dengeki Online, Utsumi and Ueno collectively shared their profound insights regarding the much-anticipated game, “Battle of Three Kingdoms,” which seamlessly incorporates non-fungible tokens (NFTs) into its intricate gameplay.

Both Utsumi and Ueno acknowledged the potent potential of blockchain technology to metamorphose the landscape of the gaming industry.

Ueno elaborated on the complexity of blockchain technology, which initially posed a significant challenge. However, he keenly identified numerous opportunities for content creators. They can create gaming experiences that effectively showcase the benefits of incorporating blockchain technology.

One might draw a parallel between the present state of NFT games and the emergence of mobile gaming, as espoused by Utsumi. He attributed the ubiquity of mobile gaming to the widespread proliferation of cellular devices.

He firmly stated that in an era where the majority of players wield smartphones and personal computers, game developers must contemplate innovative strategies to captivate and allure denizens of the blockchain gaming domain.

The executives unanimously concurred that a substantial hurdle lies in mitigating the barriers of entry for blockchain-based games.

SEGA and Double Jump Tokyo Journey: Adapting Arcade Games to Blockchain Sensations

Ueno emphasized the pivotal significance of a seamless onboarding process, while Utsumi highlighted the formidable challenge of persuading users to establish wallets tailored to these interactive gaming experiences.

The interview further unveiled the strategy employed by SEGA and Double Jump Tokyo, wherein they adroitly transitioned their arcade game, “Sangokushi Taisen,” into a blockchain-infused gaming sensation.

Ueno elucidated that the infusion of blockchain technology and NFTs into the gaming milieu is most conspicuously manifest in trading card games, where the value of cards is contingent upon in-game performance and the fervent demand of collectors.

Consequently, reflecting on the development journey, Utsumi divulged that SEGA’s unwavering focus on harnessing cutting-edge technology rendered the realm of blockchain a tantalizing realm for exploration.

This exploration culminated in the selection of “Sangokushi Taisen,” a choice informed by its popularity in Japan and various other Asian territories, coupled with its seamless compatibility with blockchain technology.

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