FLOKI has taken a proactive stance in addressing allegations and rumors that have been circulating within the cryptocurrency community. In an official statement, the project aimed to set the record straight while cautioning its users about potential scams leveraging its brand and reputation.

Denial of Association with PetabyteCapital

Through its official Twitter handle, FLOKI refuted any connection with PetabyteCapital and made it unequivocally clear that PetabyteCapital has never held the status of co-founder for the FLOKI token.

The tweet from FLOKI’s official account stated:

“We would like to make it clear that PetabyteCapital is not and was NEVER a FLOKI co-founder. #Floki is a community project in the true sense of the word and has never had a founder or co-founder.”

Floki Inu ecosystem

However, this announcement followed numerous reported instances of individuals or entities falsely affiliating themselves with this renowned cryptocurrency in an apparent effort to exploit its brand value. Also, these misleading claims are suspected to be part of an attempt to generate hype for their own projects and, in some cases, scams.

Emphasis on Official Channels and User Caution

Moreover, the FLOKI team emphasized their commitment to transparency by assuring users that if they consider launching a new token, they would announce it exclusively through their official communication channels. They also stressed the importance of users conducting their own research (DYOR) and verifying information from credible and official sources.

Further, this cautionary stance from FLOKI came in response to a report by Whale Chart, which exposed PetabyteCapital for promoting scams and falsely asserting a connection as a FLOKI co-founder.

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