In Michael Lewis’s latest book about FTX founder, Sam Bankman-Fried once considered deterring Donald Trump from running for president, a revelation that might be surprising to those unfamiliar with Sam.

In an October 1 interview on 60 Minutes, Michael Lewis, the author of “Going Infinite: The Rise and Fall of a New Tycoon,” unveiled insights about the former crypto mogul and FTX founder.

One captivating revelation in the book was SBF’s consideration of incentivizing Donald Trump to abstain from presidential candidacy. Lewis commented, “This is surprising only if you’re unfamiliar with Sam,” and elaborated:

“Sam’s thinking that we could pay Donald Trump not to run for president […] like how much would it take?”

However, SBF was unsure if this sum came directly from Donald Trump. Lewis added that discussions on the legality of this arrangement were ongoing when FTX encountered its turmoil.

Ultimately, the plan never materialized because Bankman-Fried lacked the necessary $5 billion. Lewis believed SBF regarded Trump as a menace to American democracy, categorizing him as an existential risk.

FTX Founder, Sam Bankman-Fried’s Saga

Lewis spent more than 70 days in the Bahamas on twelve separate visits in 2022, forming a strong connection with SBF. He disclosed, “I stayed in guest rooms, giving me access to every part of the property, including the penthouse,” to The Wall Street Journal.

Commenting on the aftermath of FTX’s collapse in November 2022, Lewis recounted:

“It was like the aftermath of Pompeii. Clothes and belongings left behind, frozen in time. Many headed to the airport leaving company cars with the keys inside at the curb.”

According to the trial schedule released last week, the high-profile Bankman-Fried trial begins on October 3 with jury selection, followed by the trial proper starting on October 4.

The trial will involve seven cases of fraud against SBF. This includes two substantive charges where the prosecution must prove Bankman-Fried’s guilt, along with five conspiracy charges.

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