G2A Capital Group, a leading digital game vendor, has recently made a bold move into the world of Web3 gaming by unveiling a dedicated marketplace for nonfungible tokens (NFTs). The platform officially launched on November 15. Notably, it aims to enhance the gaming experience by integrating gaming NFTs into G2A’s extensive collection of gaming software.

Curated Selection of Web3 and NFT Games

In a statement, G2A Capital Group CEO Bartosz Skwarczek emphasized the marketplace’s purpose. This is to showcase Web3 and NFT games carefully curated by the G2A team. Further, this strategic move enables gamers to explore the world of blockchain gaming and discover NFTs associated with games partnered with G2A.

Skwarczek further elaborated on the company’s motivation behind this venture, citing the growing interest of gamers in blockchain gaming. Contrary to some perceptions, players are already actively involved in Web3 games and NFT trading, a trend observed since the Cryptokitties era.

To cater to this audience, G2A launched G2A Geekverse, an online space tailored for Web3 gaming enthusiasts. Within this space, gamers can access information about the top Web3 games and engage in the buying and selling of digital assets associated with these games.

Web3 Gaming Gains Traction Among Traditional Distributors

The move into Web3 gaming is not exclusive to G2A, as traditional gaming distributors have been gradually embracing this trend. In July, the Google Play Store took a significant step by accepting NFT games, albeit with certain restrictions. The store now permits games that offer NFTs for sale or as rewards, explicitly excluding NFT-based gambling activities.

Epic Games Joins the Web3 Wave

Epic Games, a prominent player in the gaming industry, has also demonstrated openness to Web3 gaming. On June 22, the Epic Games Store listed Gods Unchained, an NFT collectible trading card game with gameplay comparable to popular titles like Magic: The Gathering and Hearthstone.

The store is set to expand its Web3 offerings by featuring another blockchain-based game, Illuvium, on its game marketplace on November 28. This ongoing trend highlights the industry’s evolving landscape, with major players recognizing and embracing the potential of Web3 gaming.

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