Fernando Pérez Algaba, a prominent crypto millionaire and Instagram influencer based in Argentina, was discovered dead under disturbing circumstances. Local reports indicate that he went missing on July 18 after failing to return the keys to a rented apartment. He also neglected to answer his phone.

On July 23, a group of children stumbled upon a suitcase in Ingeniero Budge town, a province close to Buenos Aires. Shockingly, the suitcase contained dismembered body parts, later identified as Algaba’s remains.

On July 24, authorities found a torso after draining the nearby stream, and on July 25, a head was discovered in a backpack. After investigation, it was found that Algaba had been shot three times before dismembered.

Law enforcement officials suspect that a professional group may have perpetrated this horrific act. It is speculated that the motive behind Algaba’s murder could be related to debts he owed. A potential suspect was eventually arrested in connection to the case.

Algaba was known for his successful crypto trading business in Buenos Aires, where he managed an office with 25 other traders. His online presence was also substantial, with over 917,000 followers on Instagram. His posts mainly featured luxury cars and his beloved pet dog.

Reports indicate that the crypto millionaire had accumulated a significant amount of debt, including $3,300 (900,000 Argentine pesos) in bounced checks, $4,400 (1.2 million Argentine pesos) owed to banks, and another debt of $70,000 linked to a bounced check.

Missing Crypto Millionaire Fernando Perez Algaba found dead.

A series of mysterious deaths among crypto millionaire and billionaires

This devastating event occurred after a string of premature deaths involving prominent crypto millionaires and billionaires in late 2022.

Notable figures among them included Nikolai Mushegian, one of the co-founders of MakerDAO; Javier Biosca, a well-known crypto broker; Tiantian Kullander, a co-founder of Amber Group; Vyacheslav Taran, a Russian crypto billionaire, and Park Mo, a significant shareholder of Bithumb.

The mysterious circumstances surrounding their demise led to various speculations and theories within the crypto community.

In conclusion, as authorities investigate Fernando Pérez’s case, the crypto world mourns a talented entrepreneur. The quest for justice and understanding behind these alarming events remains ongoing.

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