Johnny Ng, a member of the Hong Kong Legislative Council and participant in the CPPCC, made a significant appearance. He took the stage at the “2023 World Internet Conference” held in Wuzhen on November 9, 2023.

This event marked a pivotal moment as Ng addressed the audience, sharing insights and perspectives on crucial matters related to technology and internet governance.. During his keynote speech, Ng focused on the crucial theme of enhancing digital literacy and skills.

Addressing a captivated audience, Ng delved into two pivotal subjects. Firstly, he explored the integration of the senior economy with the internet. Secondly, he discussed the profound impact of Web3 technology, emphasizing its role in empowering creators of content.

Ng’s insightful discourse shed light on the intersection of technology, digital literacy, and the evolving landscape of the internet.

Ng’s Insights on Pan Lao Lao’s Internet Success and the Intersection of Web3 in Hong Kong

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Ng highlighted the case of “Pan Lao Lao,” an aged internet figure with an extensive following of over 23 million. Pan Lao Lao effectively employs the internet to contribute to rural revitalization and the senior economy.

Through innovative short videos featuring rural landscapes and culinary delights, she not only stimulates local economic activities but also exemplifies how seniors can utilize their experience for economic gain.

This successful model in mainland China is relevant for Hong Kong, where discussions on the senior economy are gaining momentum. Ng proposed that Hong Kong could glean insights from China’s accomplishments in merging the internet with the senior economy to foster industry growth in Chinese-speaking markets.

In his speech, Ng touched on recent advancements in Web3 within Hong Kong, underscoring the decentralization aspect of blockchain technology.

Web3 Empowers Content Creators: Ng’s Vision for Decentralized Monetization and Societal Progress

For content creators, this signifies the ability to bypass centralized platforms and directly monetize their work through a decentralized model. This approach not only provides financial empowerment to creators but also serves as a tangible manifestation of Web3 technology in practical scenarios.

Ng concluded by emphasizing the importance of integrating technology with daily life and the physical economy to propel societal progress. His perspectives at the conference underscored the growing significance of the internet in the senior economy and the potential of Web3 technologies in reshaping content creation and distribution.

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