Immutable’s blockchain protocol is poised to revolutionize Web3 gaming by eliminating gas fees for users, a notorious hindrance to widespread adoption.

The company is gearing up to launch its cutting-edge scaling platform in early 2024. This platform, named Immutable zkEVM, is based on zero-knowledge proofs (ZK-proofs). The promising aspect is that it aims to deliver a gas fee-free experience for gamers.

Immutable zkEVM empowers blockchain-based game developers to eliminate transaction fees for end users, fostering a seamless and frictionless onboarding experience.

Web3 Gaming Revolution: Immutable’s zkEVM Ends Gas Fees

In the realm of Web3 game, players traditionally bear the burden of paying gas fees to network validators for transaction processing. Before the advent of layer-2 scaling protocols, Ethereum-based decentralized applications (DApps) operated differently. They depended exclusively on validators and miners before the Merge for the execution of smart contract operations and transactions.

Despite being essential to the decentralization and functioning of blockchain, this mechanism poses a significant obstacle for mainstream gamers accustomed to transaction-free gaming.

Immutable’s Chief Technology Officer, Alex Connolly, stressed the significance of ensuring a familiar and streamlined user experience. This is particularly crucial for the web3 games to seamlessly integrate with the expectations of conventional gamers.

Immutable’s zkEVM: Game-Changing Solution for Web3 Gas Fees

Gas fees have been a prohibitive factor in incorporating digital asset ownership into games. Immutable’s zkEVM addresses this challenge, presenting an intriguing solution for the future of Web3 games.

Game developers can now sponsor gas fee payments through Immutable zkEVM, nullifying these transactions for Immutable Passport users. Additionally, Immutable plans to cover gas fees for all ecosystem games during a limited period following its mainnet launch.

According to Connolly, game studios can anticipate spending $500 to $1000 in gas fees for every 100,000 users in their gaming environments. Gas fee sponsorship is envisioned to drive player adoption and boost revenues for game studios, potentially evolving into an expense akin to infrastructure or server costs.

Immutable’s zkEVM: Game-Changing Support and Enhancements for Web3 Gaming

Immutable’s announcement on August 14 highlighted that zkEVM provides game developers with access to lower development costs, along with the security and network effects inherent in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Robbie Ferguson, Immutable’s Co-founder and President, previously stated that zkEVM aims to enhance ownership rights for Web3 gamers.

More than 20 gaming studios, including industry players such as GameStop, TokenTrove marketplace, Kongregate, and iLogos, have enthusiastically pledged their support.

This collective commitment underscores the industry’s anticipation of the forthcoming beta launch and the groundbreaking solution it promises.

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