The German data protection authority has taken decisive action by launching an official investigation into the Worldcoin cryptocurrency project. The probe comes amid mounting concerns over data privacy and security within the rapidly expanding cryptocurrency landscape.

In addition, as the popularity of cryptocurrencies continues to grow, regulatory scrutiny intensifies, and the German watchdog’s investigation into Worldcoin signals a pivotal moment in the evolving regulatory environment.

German Data Watchdog Takes Action

In response to increasing public interest and regulatory attention on cryptocurrency projects, the German data protection authority has initiated an investigation into Worldcoin. Consequently, the authority’s move underscores the importance of safeguarding user data and ensuring compliance with data protection laws, especially as new technologies emerge.

Worldcoin Under Investigation

The Worldcoin cryptocurrency project, known for its ambitious vision of universal basic income through a global airdrop of tokens, now finds itself in the spotlight for data-related issues. However, while the project has garnered significant attention for its philanthropic goals, questions have arisen about the data collection and storage practices it employs.

The Bavarian State Office for Data Protection Supervision initiated an investigation into Worldcoin in November 2022 due to concerns about the project’s intention to process “sensitive data at a very large scale” using new technology, according to Michael Will, the president of the state regulator.

Moreover, the Bavarian state regulator leads the European Union’s data protection investigation since Tools For Humanity, the company behind Worldcoin, has a subsidiary in Germany.

Furthermore, the use of unestablished technologies for processing financial information poses risks, including potential issues related to obtaining explicit consent for processing highly-sensitive biometric data.

Worldcoin’s website claims to have a “privacy-preserving” network, with personal data stored in encrypted form. The Worldcoin Foundation, located in the Cayman Islands, asserts compliance with EU rules and willingness to cooperate with requests for information regarding privacy and data protection practices.

Ensuring Data Protection and Compliance

Worldcoin’s sign-up process involves facial scanning with a spherical “orb” in multiple global locations, resulting in around 2.1 million sign-ups, mostly during a two-year trial period. Privacy advocates have expressed concerns about the wide-scale collection and storage of biometric data, raising worries about increased surveillance and targeting specific demographics.

Several European supervisory authorities are interested in Worldcoin and have requested information about its data collection practices. The French privacy watchdog questions the legality of Worldcoin’s data collection, and the British data regulator intends to make inquiries into the project.

Worldcoin Faces Scrutiny Over Managing User Data

An image of Sam Altman's WorldCoin "proof of personhood” retina scanner.

In light of the ongoing investigation, Worldcoin will face scrutiny over how it manages user data, nsuring compliance with applicable data protection laws, and how it addresses potential privacy concerns. Although, this investigation may serve as a litmus test for other cryptocurrency projects. Pushing them to review and enhance their data privacy measures.

Further, for the cryptocurrency industry to gain broader acceptance and trust, such regulatory scrutiny is necessary to establish a more secure and transparent ecosystem for all stakeholders involved.

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