Central bank digital currencies have become a significant topic among the American public. People from various fields, such as comedians, musicians, and even those running for president, are sharing their views on this matter.

In a straightforward conversation, Joe Rogan, a podcaster and commentator, strongly opposed the idea of introducing a central bank digital currency in the United States. He described the concept of a digital dollar as a threat to individual sovereignty.

On August 8th, during one episode of his widely followed podcast, “The Joe Rogan Experience,” Joe Rogan and rapper Post Malone delved into various topics related to the American financial system. Their conversation naturally shifted toward examining the possible misuse of power that could come with introducing CBDCs in the country.

Joe Rogan, Post Malone, and Kennedy Jr. Sound Alarms on CBDCs and Financial Control

Joe Rogan’s podcast consistently attracts an impressive audience of over 11 million listeners per episode. In comparison, Post Malone has a substantial following of more than 31 million supporters across both X and Instagram. This becomes relevant as discussions about CBDCs increasingly enter the landscape of United States political campaigns.

Rogan, known for his directness, clearly expressed his disagreement with the CBDC idea. He said, “No fucking way. No way. That’s what I think. I think that’s checkmate. That’s game over.”

He continued by describing a hypothetical story where a strong government could link CBDC issuance to a person’s social credit score. This could lead to restricting financial access if someone goes against societal norms.

Post Malone added to the conversation by sharing his concerns about the current banking system in the United States. He highlighted the FDIC insurance, which only protects bank accounts up to $250,000.

They also talked about a controversial incident involving the Canadian government. In February of the previous year, they froze the financial accounts connected to the “Freedom Convoy” truckers.

Malone suggested that the US government has too much control over regular people’s financial dealings. This gives them the ability to cut off funding suddenly, based on their own judgment. This idea aligns with those who strongly support decentralized cryptocurrencies.

Political Perspectives on CBDCs: Varying Stances from US Presidential Candidates

At the same time, discussions about CBDCs have become important in US politics. Ron DeSantis, a Republican running for president and the current Governor of Florida, promised to prevent CBDCs from being used in the country if he becomes the leader.

On the other hand, Democratic candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. criticized CBDCs, seeing them as tools for manipulation. He proposed a different approach, suggesting that if he becomes president, he would support linking the US dollar to real assets like Bitcoin.

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