cryptocurrency exchange, has triumphantly secured $110 million in its most recent Series E funding round. Spearheaded by Kingsway Capital, a United Kingdom-based investment management firm, this substantial injection of funds marks a noteworthy achievement.

Joining forces with Kingsway Capital, the Series E round witnessed active participation from several prominent entities. These include Baillie Gifford, Lakestar, LSVP, GV, Access Industries, Moore Capital, Prudence, Freeman Capital, Coinbase Ventures, and Pledge Ventures. Undergoes Board Changes and Valuation Adjustment After Series E Funding

Notably, Manny Stotz, the Chief Executive Officer of Kingsway Capital, and Nicolas Brand, a Partner at Lakestar, have assumed positions on the Board of Directors at

The completion of this funding round prompts a recalibration of’s market valuation. According to insights from a conversation with an informed source cited by Bloomberg, the current valuation stands below the $7 billion mark. This valuation is a stark departure from the $14 billion valuation the company boasted in March 2022.

Preceding the significant challenges faced by the blockchain and cryptocurrency sector, concluded a Series D funding round. This round featured Baillie Gifford and Lightspeed Venture Partners, elevating its valuation from $5.2 billion to $14 billion.

Navigating Challenges, Shaping Crypto with Series E Funding

Unciphered Makes a Bold Offer to Recover Ex-Ripple CTO's Bitcoin Fortune

As an early entrant into the cryptocurrency exchange landscape, has played a pivotal role in shaping the digital asset economy.

The company is renowned for its trading platform and crypto wallet. It facilitates a spectrum of crypto transactions, catering to both individual and institutional clientele. However, the impact of the crypto winter has been profound.

In July 2022, declared the closure of its offices in Argentina and suspended expansion plans in various other countries.

Workforce Cut and Financial Strain Amid Crypto Challenges

In that same month, faced with financial setbacks resulting from the harsh bear market, the company made a challenging decision. It opted to reduce its workforce by 25%, impacting approximately 150 employees.

Moreover, in a letter to shareholders,’s CEO, Peter Smith, communicated that the Three Arrows Capital (3AC) venture had rapidly neared insolvency. The repercussions of this default are substantial, totaling approximately $270 million in cryptocurrency and US dollar loans from

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