In anticipation of Celestia’s upcoming mainnet launch, two prominent cryptocurrency exchanges, KuCoin and Bybit, are gearing up to kick off trading for Celestia tokens (TIA) paired with USDT. The trading activities are slated to commence at 10 a.m. EST.

Celestia’s Mainnet Launch and Introduction of TIA Token

The blockchain network, Celestia, is ready to launch its mainnet, introducing its native token, TIA, for trading on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges.

Trading Schedule: KuCoin, Bybit, and Binance

KuCoin and Bybit are set to initiate trading for TIA paired with USDT at 10 a.m. EST, providing users with the opportunity to access and trade this new token.

Additionally, Binance is also joining the ranks and plans to list TIA, commencing trading around 12 p.m. EST. These exchanges’ participation underlines the potential and growing interest in the Celestia project.

Exciting Airdrop Opportunity

 Binance is also joining the ranks and plans to list TIA, commencing trading around 12 p.m. EST

As part of the mainnet launch celebration, Celestia has announced a generous airdrop of 60 million TIA tokens. Celestia will distribute these tokens to active users on Ethereum Layer 2 networks, stakers on Cosmos Hub, and Osmosis, as well as crypto developers. Importantly, they took a snapshot for this airdrop on January 1, 2023.

Token Minting and Mainnet Launch Date

Furthermore to coincide with the mainnet launch, Celestia will mint a total of 1 billion tokens. The airdrop portion also represents 6% of this total supply. Celestia’s GitHub repository confirms the mainnet launch date as October 31, also creating anticipation and excitement in the crypto community.

The participation of major exchanges like Binance in this event underscores the project’s potential and also the increasing momentum in the cryptocurrency space.

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