The music industry is embracing ‘Tracks,’ a Web 3.0 music platform supported by top investors.

The Label Foundation, a forward-thinking organization focused on leveraging Web 3.0 technology to revolutionize the music industry, has joined forces with LG Electronics to introduce ‘Tracks,’ a Web3-based music streaming service.

In addition, this service made its debut on LG’s latest Smarter TV on September 25, 2023, offering an open beta mobile version that features curated music playlists, captivating visuals, and rewards for listening time.

The Label FoundationvMission

Further, they have developed a decentralized application (DApp) designed to revolutionize the processes of music curation and monetization.

Investor Support

This groundbreaking initiative has garnered support from esteemed investors, including eBest Investment and Securities, Groom Investments, and DWF Labs. Moreover, their backing of ‘Tracks’ signifies a positive shift in the music industry, heralding a brighter future for music enthusiasts and creators alike.

Additionally, TRACKS blends music playlists and visual elements with a rewards system, aiming to provide an enhanced and unique entertainment experience.

Enhancing Music Appreciation

TRACKS sets out to offer more than just a conventional music streaming service. Moreover, it aims to engage the tech-savvy Generation Z audience by combining curated music playlists with visually captivating elements, redefining the traditional music consumption experience.


One of the key features that distinguishes TRACKS is its rewards system. Consequently, users have the opportunity to earn rewards as they interact with the platform. Further, these rewards can be exchanged for exclusive content and unique experiences, adding an extra layer of value to the music streaming experience.

Generation Z’s Vital Contribution

Further, thousands of users participated in the successful completion of the Closed Beta Test, providing valuable feedback and insights that have played a pivotal role in shaping TRACKS into its current form.

Lastly, the Label Foundation expresses gratitude to the Generation Z community for their enthusiastic support and their role in contributing to the development of this innovative platform.

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