On December 5, 2023, a groundbreaking announcement was made by the City of Lugano. In a collaborative effort with Bitcoin Suisse, the city has expanded its payment options.

Now, residents can seamlessly pay taxes and municipal service invoices using cryptocurrencies. The accepted digital currencies include Bitcoin (BTC) and Tether (USDT). This user-friendly and fully automated process simplifies the payment experience for the residents.

This groundbreaking move marks a modern transformation in handling city-related expenses. Additionally, it enables residents and businesses to use Bitcoin (BTC) and Tether (USDT) for all Lugano invoices, including taxes.

In contrast to the prior constraint of cryptocurrency payments limited to transactions on the City’s online portal, this initiative introduces flexibility. Now, individuals can use cryptocurrencies for all invoices, irrespective of the service or amount.

Lugano City Innovative Path: Embracing Cryptocurrency and Modernizing Payments

p2p payments

Conversely, Lugano’s choice to be among the first cities embracing Bitcoin and Tether for all transactions emphasizes a dedication to modernizing payment methods.

This decision is a crucial component of Lugano’s Plan B. It’s a collaborative initiative with Tether that harnesses Bitcoin technology to transform the city’s financial system. The overarching objective is to seamlessly integrate blockchain and Bitcoin into various aspects of daily life in Lugano City.

To support Lugano in its Plan B, Bitcoin Suisse manages the technical aspects of the integrated payment solution.

Leveraging the Swiss QR-Bill, a fully automated system is now in place, allowing citizens and businesses to scan the QR code on their invoices and make payments effortlessly using their preferred mobile wallets, selecting the cryptocurrency of their choice.

Accelerating Cryptocurrency Adoption in Lugano and Beyond

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Armin Schmid, Chief Product Officer at Bitcoin Suisse, expressed enthusiasm, stating;

“We are delighted to support the City of Lugano in accelerating the use of Bitcoin technology as the foundation to transform the city’s financial infrastructure.”

He highlighted the increasing trend among Swiss municipalities, including Lugano, in offering cryptocurrency payments alongside traditional methods like post-office counters and e-banking platforms.

Furthermore, Bitcoin Suisse, renowned for its crucial role in supplying technical infrastructure for crypto payments, is celebrating its continuous contribution. This dedication aims to make cryptocurrencies easily accessible for Swiss cantons, cities, and municipalities.

Moreover, following success in Zug City, Canton of Zug, and Zermatt municipality, Lugano now officially accepts cryptocurrency. It recognizes cryptocurrency as a valid and accepted form of payment, marking a significant milestone.

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