Marathon Digital embarks on a pioneering Bitcoin mining endeavor in Utah, harnessing landfill methane to power their operations. The BTC miner has forged a partnership with the startup Nodal Power, marking the commencement of a green, off-grid initiative with significant potential.

Marathon Digital has initiated its Bitcoin mining operations, leveraging the potential of landfill methane as a power source. This 280-kilowatt off-grid pilot program is currently underway in Utah.

In a collaborative effort, Marathon joined forces with Nodal Power for this groundbreaking project. Nodal Power, a company established in November 2022, specializes in generating energy from landfill gas, focusing on regions in the southeastern United States and Texas.

Marathon’s Green Energy Initiative: Turning Landfill Methane into Bitcoin Mining Power

The startup secured $13 million in funding during an initial round in August, enabling them to operate two facilities, one of which includes a data center.

Marathon conveyed in an official statement that this project represents a critical component of a broader corporate mission.

Their aim is to validate their capability to capture methane emissions from landfills, convert them into electrical power, and subsequently utilize this electricity to fuel their Bitcoin mining operations. Marathon’s CEO, Fred Thiel, emphasized:

“If the outcomes of this pilot project align with our expectations, we eagerly anticipate expanding our presence in this domain, assisting landfill operators and other stakeholders in achieving their environmental objectives.”

Marathon Digital Sustainability Initiatives in Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin miners are actively exploring sustainable energy solutions. For instance, Genesis Digital Assets Limited established an 8-megawatt facility in Sweden in August, powered by hydropower.

Marathon recently inaugurated a cutting-edge 200-megawatt immersion-cooled facility in the sustainable enclave of Masdar City, Abu Dhabi.

In the same month, the company published a report endorsing the viability of crypto mining at landfill sites, highlighting numerous advantages for miners, landfill owners, and the environment. According to the United Nations, methane poses a more significant environmental threat than carbon dioxide.

Despite mining a remarkable 2,926 Bitcoins in the second quarter, Marathon reported Q2 earnings that fell short of expectations. Nevertheless, their Q2 revenue surged by 228% year-on-year, reaching $132.8 million.

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