McDonald’s Singapore has partnered with NFT artists The Hidden Walls and pioneering cryptocurrency startup Bandwagon Labs. Together, they have unveiled an exceptional series of NFT collectibles, centered around the beloved character Grimace from the McDonaldland universe.

The collaboration introduces an exclusive collection of 2,000 distinctive digital collectibles, masterfully crafted by The Hidden Walls. These limited-edition pieces are set to captivate both NFT enthusiasts and fans of the iconic Grimace character.

Drina Chee, Senior Director of Digital Customer Experience at McDonald’s Singapore, envisions this innovative project as a bridge between cherished memories and the passions of today’s generation.

Drina Chee, Senior Director of Digital Customer Experience at McDonald's Singapore

The immersive experience commences within the McDonald’s Singapore app. Users of the app will be able to explore the captivating realm of Grimace Digital Collectibles. Seamless integration with cutting-edge technologies such as Web3auth or MetaMask enables users to effortlessly link their NFT wallets to the platform.

McDonald’s Singapore Blends Technology and Experience

McDonald's NFT

A simple tap on the ‘Mint Now’ button sets off the process of creating the coveted Grimace NFT. This fusion of blockchain technology with the app seamlessly melds the digital and real-world experiences, creating a truly unique interaction.

What sets these NFTs apart is their distinctive nature – they are intentionally designed to be non-tradable and non-transferable. Beginning August 21st, both enthusiasts and curious users can start minting their own Grimace NFTs.

McDonald’s Singapore’s foray into the NFT landscape not only underscores their innovative spirit but also signifies a potential intersection of nostalgic elements and contemporary digital trends.

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