A newly released financial statement has brought to light that former President of the United States, Donald Trump, possesses over $2.8 million within an Ethereum wallet.

On August 14, the nonprofit watchdog Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington released some financial statements. These statements revealed that Donald Trump earned over $4.8 million from licensing fees linked to NFT collections featuring his image. Accumulating from these ventures in the crypto space, Trump’s total earnings reached around $7.6 million.

The disclosure about this Ethereum wallet marks a substantial rise from the prior range of $250,000 to $500,000, as stated in Trump’s April 14 filing.

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However, amid this financial update, the news of Trump’s indictment in Georgia on August 14 casts a significant shadow. The indictment alleges conspiracy involving interference with the 2020 presidential election, in conjunction with his supporters. This situation notably affects his financial report.

Remarkably, the real estate magnate and ex-president has frequently shown skepticism toward cryptocurrencies. He’s raised worries about their authenticity and associated risks, labeling them as a “disaster waiting to happen.” Bitcoin, especially, has been a focal point of his criticism. He regards it as a possible scam and a rival to the US dollar.

Trump’s view on cryptocurrencies is rooted in his belief that they lack the attributes of conventional money. He points out their susceptibility to significant price swings and the absence of regulatory supervision. He argues that unregulated crypto assets might facilitate unlawful activities such as drug trade.

Amid these financial and political shifts, Trump remains a notable figure on the national scene. He aims to make a comeback to the White House in the 2024 election following his loss to President Joe Biden in 2020.

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