In a major move, the crypto exchange OKX has secured a lucrative sponsorship deal with the prestigious English football club, Manchester City. The deal sees OKX become the “official sleeve partner” of the football club.

Moreover, this move is building upon its existing role as the “Official Training Kit Partner” for the 2022 to 2023 season, as announced by Manchester City on Friday.

Under the expanded partnership, the iconic OKX logo will now be prominently displayed on the left sleeve of both the men’s and women’s first teams. Additionally, the logo will continue to be featured on the teams’ training kits, maintaining its presence as before.

Web3 Technology and Football Merge

Manchester City shared the news of this groundbreaking agreement on Twitter. They emphasized the integration of Web3 technology into the realm of football. This further aims to “bring Web3 closer to the game and continue innovating together.” OKX echoed this sentiment, expressing its enthusiasm to “innovate & empower fans through the power of Web3 tech meeting Football.”

Manchester City proudly announced that their collaboration with OKX has successfully introduced the exchange to millions of football fans worldwide. As part of this partnership, fans have already started to participate in Web3 experiences. This includes the renowned OKX Collective, a captivating metaverse where they can virtually meet and interact with their favorite football players.

Crypto coins to represent the crypto exchange OKX does.

Ferran Soriano, CEO of City Football Group, Commends the Partnership

Ferran Soriano, CEO of City Football Group, expressed his pride in having OKX represented on the prestigious Manchester City shirt. He praised OKX for delivering “great Web3 experiences” to the club. Futher, he eagerly anticipates the plethora of exciting developments that lie ahead in this partnership.

The football club’s CEO also expressed immense excitement about the partnership. He stated that it heralds a new era of collaboration between cryptocurrency and football. Even more, it will revolutionize the way they engage with the sport they love.

Notably, OKX has firmly established itself as the official sleeve sponsor of Manchester City with this groundbreaking $70 million deal. This is further solidifying its presence in the world of football and pushing the boundaries of innovation with Web3.

Football enthusiasts can now look forward to an extraordinary fusion of sports and cryptocurrency. Notably, this partnership ushers in a new era of fan experiences in the digital age.

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