TON Blockchain just introduced on-chain encrypted messaging feature.

TON Foundation, the developer of the Open Network (TON), has unveiled an on-chain encrypted messaging feature. This marks a significant enhancement to the network’s capabilities.

Notably, this new feature enables TON users to exchange private messages securely and confidentially.

Background: TON Blockchain and its Evolution

TON is a blockchain network that originated from code developed by the creators of the Telegram instant messaging app. Although Telegram abandoned the project in July 2020 without launching a mainnet, they open-sourced the code. This allowed others to continue its development. The TON Foundation assumed the responsibility of building the current network, named “TON.”

The TON Foundation emphasizes that their network offers superior scalability and transaction throughout compared to other options within the Web3 ecosystem. All these while maintaining a decentralized structure.

Enhanced Privacy: On-Chain Encrypted Messaging

Previously, TON allowed users to include messages within their transactions, but these messages were entirely public. The TON Foundation has introduced an on-chain encrypted messaging feature. This is in response to user demands for greater privacy as enabling end-to-end encryption for messages sent on the network.

Crypto and Padlock for encrypted messages introduced by Ton Foundation

Importantly, this means that messages can only be deciphered by their intended recipients.

According to Anatoly Makosov, a core developer of TON, this feature was created to facilitate the “personalization” of transactions. Users can now add personalized messages such as “for coffee” or “happy birthday” when sending Toncoin, Jettons, or NFTs on TON.

The availability of full encryption ensures the privacy and security of these personalized interactions.

Moreover, Makosov highlighted the potential use of TON as a reliable and safeguarded communication method during an “apocalypse” scenario where traditional messenger servers fail. TON can serve as a resilient platform for private communication in such circumstances.

Availability and Future Development

Encrypted messaging is currently accessible through various retail wallet apps, including MyTonWallet, OpenMask, and TON Wallet.

The TON Foundation plans to incorporate this feature into the mobile wallet Tonkeeper in forthcoming updates, further expanding its availability to users.

TON Foundation’s Commitment to Network Growth

In an effort to foster network growth and encourage developers to build on the TON blockchain, the TON Foundation launched a $25 million accelerator program for app developers in May. This program aims to incentivize the creation of innovative applications and services on the network, driving its adoption and utility.

A string of networks connected to a globe for Ton Blockchain's network growth

Additionally, in November, an independent development team developed a Telegram trading bot. This was to facilitate user onboarding to the TON network, further expanding its reach and user base.

Through these initiatives and ongoing development efforts, the TON Foundation is actively positioning TON as a dynamic and versatile blockchain network that prioritizes privacy, scalability, and user-centric functionality.

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