Ozys, a South Korean blockchain innovator, has recently demonstrated its exceptional capabilities. It achieved this by obtaining a data security endorsement from a quasi-official organization responsible for overseeing the nation’s internet infrastructure.

Ozys officially announced its achievement on a recent Friday in the local time zone. It successfully obtained an Information Security Management System (ISMS) certification from the Korea Internet and Security Authority (KISA).

The ISMS certification is contingent on meeting a set of 80 distinct criteria. These criteria involve a thorough evaluation of a company’s approach to creating and maintaining data security frameworks, as well as their strategies for dealing with potential security breaches.

Focusing on Web3 Services, this blockchain developer offers an extensive array of solutions pertaining to decentralized finance (DeFi), inter-chain projects, and blockchain exploratory endeavors.

Ozys Achieves Landmark ISMS Certification for Blockchain Smart Contract Development

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Ozys has now earned an ISMS endorsement tailored explicitly for blockchain-oriented smart contract development and service management. Notably, Ozys stands as the inaugural enterprise in the nation to achieve such a distinction within the domain of smart contract development.

Choi Jin-han, CEO of Ozys, commented on this significant milestone. He mentioned that obtaining the ISMS certification allowed the organization to reassess its overarching security policies. This, in turn, strengthened the company’s protective strategies and its responsiveness to safeguarding their information assets.

Choi also emphasized Ozys’ unswerving dedication to not only providing practical, user-centric services but also to pursuing various research initiatives. These initiatives primarily center on enhancing the security of their esteemed clientele.

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