Polygon Labs has taken a significant step forward in the evolution of Polygon, a popular Ethereum Layer-2 scaling solution, with the establishment of the Polygon Protocol Council. This move is part of the broader Polygon 2.0 initiative and aims to promote decentralization and inclusivity within the Polygon ecosystem.

The formation of the Polygon Protocol Council was announced on the X social media platform and is a result of the implementation of PIP-29, which proposed the creation of this council.

However, the primary goal is to advance Polygon’s journey towards becoming a decentralized, community-led governance structure for the various protocols under the @0xPolygon umbrella.

Responsibilities of the Polygon Protocol Council

Polygon Protocol Council Inaugurated to Advance Polygon 2.0

The Polygon Protocol Council also oversees timelock-limited upgrades to the Polygon system’s smart contracts, which constitute integral components of Polygon’s protocols on the Ethereum blockchain. The timelock feature introduces a waiting period before upgrades can be executed, enhancing security by ensuring that the network also carefully considers changes to minimize potential risks.

Council Members

The Polygon Protocol Council consists of 13 distinguished members who will also play vital roles in the governance of Polygon’s ecosystem. These notable figures from the blockchain and crypto space include:

  1. Jordi Baylina: Co-founder of Polygon and tech lead of Polygon zkEVM development.
  2. Victor Bunin: Representing Coinbase.
  3. Jerome De Tychey: Host of ETHCC.
  4. Liz Steininger: Associated with Least Authority.
  5. Mehdi Zerouali: A member of Sigma Prime.
  6. Anthony Sassano: Known for Daily Gwei.
  7. Justin Drake: Affiliated with the Ethereum Foundation.
  8. ZachXBT: A famed pseudonymous on-chain detective.
  9. Mudit Gupta: Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at Polygon Labs.

The establishment of the Polygon Protocol Council also marks a significant milestone in the development of Polygon 2.0. Moreover, with a diverse and experienced group of council. Polygon is also taking strides towards a decentralized and secure future for its network, ensuring the continued adaptability and improvement of its protocols.

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