Proton Mail, a Swiss provider known for its end-to-end encrypted email services, is currently experimenting with a new blockchain-driven feature called Key Transparency. This innovation aims to empower users to authenticate email addresses and bolster defenses against cyberattacks.

Objective of Key Transparency

In an interview with Fortune, Proton’s CEO, Andy Yen, elaborated on how the Key Transparency feature intends to counter “man-in-the-middle” attacks. Yen highlighted that these attacks involve intercepting conversations by manipulating public keys associated with users.

He expressed concerns about the potential creation of counterfeit public keys by entities like the NSA, leading to data encryption with fraudulent keys. Yen emphasized the necessity for a trustworthy and unchanging public verification process to prevent such security breaches.

Proton Mail Trials Blockchain-Based Feature for Email Verification and Cybersecurity

The envisioned solution involves automatically comparing users’ public keys, generated during the creation of a Proton email account, with the intended recipients’ keys. This comparison aims to ensure that emails are securely transmitted to the correct recipients, thwarting potential interceptions.

Testing on Private Blockchain Network

Proton is currently conducting beta testing of the Key Transparency feature on its private blockchain network. Yen indicated a possible future transition of the product to a public blockchain like Ethereum once comprehensive testing concludes. However, he refrained from providing a definitive timeline for the official launch.

Previous Discussions on Cryptocurrency Reserves

In late 2022, Yen openly expressed uncertainties regarding Proton’s holdings of cryptocurrency reserves. In an interview with Forbes, he conveyed hesitancy about the company’s decision to maintain crypto assets on its balance sheet, indicating a need for further consideration on this matter.

Proton Mail’s initiative with Key Transparency also reflects their commitment to enhancing email security while combatting potential cyber threats through innovative blockchain-based solutions.

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