RealOpen has officially launched, providing a fresh solution for acquiring real estate using cryptocurrency. Moreover, the project’s originators highlighted how the platform addresses significant challenges for individuals in the crypto community aiming to purchase a home.

Initially, there’s the necessity to sidestep fees associated with public exchanges. Moreover, addressing concerns related to withdrawal limits emerges as a crucial aspect.

Additionally, there’s the task of mitigating substantial trade slippage and finally, there is the challenge of eliminating the difficulty of locating sellers who accept cryptocurrencies.

Industry observers highlight that this launch offers a unique opportunity for cryptocurrency holders interested in entering the real estate market. Despite its evolution, the real estate sector remains one of the most stable investments, associated with financial security through property ownership.

RealOpen: Global Real Estate Purchases with Crypto, Seamless Transactions

RealOpen empowers crypto holders to invest in real estate globally without being confined to sellers accommodating cryptocurrencies or the cumbersome conversion processes on public exchanges.

Clients have the flexibility to explore opportunities in various locations, including Abu Dhabi, California, the U.K., and more, as the platform imposes no geographical restrictions.

To commence their real estate investment journey, investors establish an account on RealOpen, undergo identity verification, and receive a RealScore to assess their purchasing power. Subsequently, they proceed with the home purchase process as cash buyers.

Traditionally, the entry into the real estate sector with cryptocurrency holdings faced challenges. This was primarily because most sellers and developers preferred cash investments. Additionally, they were often ill-equipped or unwilling to handle cryptocurrency transactions.

The crucial step in executing a cash purchase contract involves the investor sending cryptocurrency to their RealOpen account.

As a prime brokerage, RealOpen facilitates the trade of cryptocurrency for fiat through a secure, off-market, off-chain, over-the-counter (OTC) desk as a single trade. This method eradicates slippage issues that commonly affect large orders.

Empowering Investors with Seamless Real Estate Transactions

RealOpen investors are able to acquire property as cash purchasers without the need to manually liquidate their cryptocurrency positions. This approach provides investors with access to a diverse range of real estate investments.

Moreover, RealOpen transactions are free from price slippage. This is a common issue on public exchanges. Specifically, significant crypto sales often lead to substantial price fluctuations. This occurs by the completion of the trade’s final fill. RealOpen effectively addresses this problem, potentially saving the buyer up to 10% of the home purchase price.

Importantly, RealOpen imposes no withdrawal or trade limit constraints. Unlike most exchanges with daily withdrawal limits, RealOpen users can seamlessly fund substantial purchases without encountering limitations.

RealOpen Revolutionizes Real Estate Purchase

RealOpen streamlines the process for crypto holders to acquire real estate through a single cryptocurrency transfer. From the perspective of realtors, property owners, and other stakeholders, the client appears as a cash purchaser, simplifying the transaction process.

For buyers, this means funding purchases without delays, exorbitant fees, slippage losses, or withdrawal restrictions. RealOpen essentially creates an express lane for crypto holders entering the real estate market.

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