A merger between three prominent cryptocurrency companies – two from South Africa and one from Austria – has led to the inception of Altify, an innovative alternative investment platform.

Consequently, the primary objective behind Altify’s creation is to democratize access to alternative assets, making them more attainable for everyday investors.

Formation of Altify through Merger

Revix, a Johannesburg-based crypto exchange, Bitfund, a digital asset manager situated in Cape Town, and an undisclosed Austrian digital asset firm have consolidated their strengths to establish Altify.

Moreover, the newly formed platform, headquartered in London, will be spearheaded by Sean Sanders, the founder of Revix, who assumes the role of CEO for Altify.

Further, this strategic merger has garnered support from influential stakeholders, including South African venture capital entities such as Sabvest and CVVC. Notably, international crypto investors, namely Founders Factory, Emurgo, and Calm/Storm Ventures, have also lent their backing to this transformative alliance.

Altify Shares Vision: Democratizing Alternative Assets

Altify sets out to democratize alternative asset classes that are traditionally accessible only to institutional players and ultra-high net worth individuals. These assets encompass private credit, venture capital, real estate, crypto assets, and collectibles, historically known to outperform public markets. The platform aims to bridge this gap by enabling retail investors to tap into these lucrative opportunities.

Revix and Bitfund Merge with Austrian Platform to Unveil Altify

To achieve this, Altify harnesses the power of decentralized finance (DeFi) and tokenized assets, leveraging the extensive experience of its founders in the crypto and digital asset management spheres.

Moreover, by doing so, the platform seeks to alleviate common barriers such as high investment minimums. Also illiquidity, and exorbitant fees associated with alternative investments.

Expanding Reach and Shifting Perceptions

Sanders, the CEO of Altify, envisions extending the platform’s alternative investment capabilities beyond South Africa to European and Middle Eastern investors. Additionally, he aims to challenge the conventional belief that alternative assets are exclusively reserved for older investors while broadening the demographic appeal of these investment opportunities.

The creation of Altify represents a transformative stride in democratizing alternative investments, leveraging the amalgamation of expertise from diverse cryptocurrency entities. Furthermore, through innovative approaches and leveraging blockchain technology, Altify strives to reshape the investment landscape.

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