The Rolante Hospital Foundation (FHR) in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul has made history by becoming the first hospital in the country to accept cryptocurrency payments.

Notably, the move comes as part of a growing trend of crypto adoption in the municipality of Rolante. This municipality, with a population of 22,000 is quickly becoming a hub for digital currency transactions. Prior to this, the municipality has already seen 120 merchants and service providers embrace cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) for transactions.

Located in Rolante, the FHR is a well-established general hospital. It also holds the distinction of being the oldest healthcare institution in the municipality. As of now, FHR patients can settle their medical bills, pay for outpatient treatment, and even purchase medicine using various cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Adoption in Rolante

Further, Rolante has emerged as a leading crypto adoption hub in Brazil. This is because numerous businesses already accepted Bitcoin and other digital tokens. Hotels, tourism firms, and even hang gliding operators have embraced cryptocurrencies as a form of payment.

Brazil flag as the nation embraces the adoption of cyptocuurency

This growing trend of acceptance is showcased in an Instagram reel by the BTC advocate account, bitcoineaqui. The reel demonstrates various scenarios of Bitcoin usage in Brazil.

Rolante’s proximity to Porto Alegre, the state capital of Rio Grande do Sul, further adds to its appeal as a crypto adoption hotspot. Porto Alegre made headlines last year when it officially recognized Bitcoin Pizza Day as part of its municipal calendar. Being less than 100 kilometers away from Porto Alegre, Rolante benefits from the increased awareness and enthusiasm for cryptocurrencies in the region.

Crypto Advocates and Initiatives in Rio Grande do Sul

Rio Grande do Sul has seen a surge in the activities of Bitcoin advocates who are actively promoting the use of cryptocurrencies in the state. Additionally, several initiatives have been launched to boost Bitcoin adoption, particularly as a means of payment in commerce.

These advocates believe that the prolonged rise in inflation throughout the region has contributed to the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies as an alternative form of currency.

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