A Salvadoran teenager, Gerardo Moran, has embarked on a remarkable journey that led him from earning a meager $6 a day in construction work to becoming a Bitcoin teacher at his former high school. He shared this on Twitter.

After years of toiling in construction and tourism since the age of 11, Moran grew disillusioned with the low wages that many Salvadoran citizens endured. He was unable to comprehend the disparity between hard work and minimal financial reward. Therefore, he made the life-changing decision to leave his construction job, unaware of the opportunities that awaited him.

Discovering Bitcoin

Moran’s journey took an unexpected turn recently. This was when his school announced a call for students interested in enrolling in the Bitcoin diploma course known as Mi Primer Bitcoin. Intrigued by the potential for a new path, Moran eagerly applied and quickly excelled in the program.

Equipped with newfound knowledge and expertise, Moran now serves as a leading Bitcoin educator in his hometown. He has taken up the role of training and teaching the Bitcoin diploma course to a group of eight senior professors at Antonio J. Alfaro High School, where he once studied.

An image from one of the Salvadoran teenager's sessions.

Global Support for El Salvador’s Bitcoin Diploma Program

El Salvador’s Bitcoin diploma program, Mi Primer Bitcoin, has garnered immense support from Bitcoin education advocates worldwide. Generous individuals from countries such as Poland and Canada have donated over 1 BTC to support the growth of the program. These donations were sent using the Lightning Network, demonstrating a global commitment to fostering cryptocurrency education in El Salvador.

Government’s Focus on Teenage Education:

The director of education in El Salvador, Gilberto Motto, emphasized the government’s emphasis on educating citizens about Bitcoin, particularly teenagers. By targeting the demographic of 16- to 17-year-olds, the government aims to effectively educate the entire country within a year.

The ripple effect of teenagers learning about Bitcoin will extend to their families, fostering greater understanding and adoption of the cryptocurrency.

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