After a 12-day period of unemployment, Sam Altman has officially rejoined OpenAI as CEO. The unexpected departure and subsequent return led to changes in leadership, with interim CEO Mira Murati stepping down and resuming her role as chief technology officer.

Altman addressed OpenAI employees in a memo on Nov. 29, expressing gratitude for their resilience during the uncertain situation.

The new initial board, chaired by Bret Taylor, Salesforce CEO, includes Larry Summers and Adam D’Angelo. Greg Brockman will resume his role as OpenAI’s President. Altman, expressing excitement about the future, acknowledged the team’s hard work and emphasized the unique position of OpenAI in the industry.

Sam Altman Returns as OpenAI CEO, Microsoft Takes Non-Voting Observer Role

Sam Altman was informed of his reinstatement on Nov. 22, just two days after his initial dismissal. Despite initial plans to lead an AI research team at Microsoft, Altman returned to OpenAI. Microsoft, which invested $13 billion in OpenAI since 2019, will now have a non-voting observer seat on the board, a decision not initially anticipated.

Altman stated that partnering with Microsoft was the right choice and welcomed their inclusion as a non-voting observer.

This role allows Microsoft to participate in board meetings without voting rights, serving more as an advisor. Altman outlined his priorities for his second tenure as CEO, focusing on research advancement, product improvement, and better customer service.

OpenAI Enhances Governance and Welcomes Microsoft as Non-Voting Observer for Stability

In the same announcement, Taylor highlighted plans to enhance the governance structure and establish an independent committee of the Board to review recent events, aiming to provide stability to the firm. He expressed hope that Microsoft’s addition to the board would contribute to steadying OpenAI.

“From technology to safety to policy,” Taylor stated;

“we are pleased that this Board will include a non-voting observer for Microsoft.”

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